Maximize Your Networking Efforts Online with These Facebook Groups for Lawyers

Humans are social. According to neuroscientists, our need to connect with others socially is as basic as our need for food and shelter. With the current state of the coronavirus pandemic and its effect on the closure of workplaces, restaurants, and outdoor gather spaces, people are looking alternate for ways to connect and socialize. This is especially true in the legal profession, where networking mixers, legal conferences, and bar association events are no longer available for the foreseeable future.

So how can lawyers maintain their social connections and establish new ones? Go online! Thriving and engaged lawyer communities exist on social media and other digital platforms. In this post, we’ll explore seven communities on Facebook.

It’s easy to dismiss Facebook as that place online where your friends post aggravating political commentaries and your mom posts embarrassing pictures of you as a baby. But I can attest to the power of this social media platform in helping me grow my brand, attract clients, and develop meaningful relationships.

I’ve been involved in Facebook Groups for over seven years and I’ve benefitted. Here’s why you should consider Facebook Groups:


Networking is crucial for the growth of any business. While visions of awkward conversations and unappetizing finger foods might come to mind at the mention of the word “networking,” not all interactions need to be face-to-face. There are plenty of opportunities to meet fellow lawyers, referral partners, and potential clients online. Meeting others becomes easier when you join a Facebook Group, where you can find a concentrated collection of like-minded individuals in one virtual room. Facebook Groups can be sorted by practice area, subject, geographical location, or some other interest. Once you find a group that speaks to your particular needs or interests, request to join and dive right in.

Growth and New Opportunities

A great perk of joining Facebook Groups is that you can connect with experienced individuals you can learn from and grow with. Every person you meet has something to teach you. Whether it’s an informative blog post, an upcoming speaking opportunity, a thought-provoking question posed by a member, a free resource shared, or the grab-bag that is the comments section, Facebook Groups can be a great place to expand your knowledge and hear about new opportunities.


Ultimately, Facebook Groups can be a great way to make new friends and grow your network. If nothing else, you can meet cool lawyers from around the world. This is especially valuable while our in-person interactions are limited, and we must turn to online spaces to connect. I formed relationships with my closest friends, wisest mentors, and greatest allies in Facebook Groups.

What are my options?

If you’re convinced you should join a Facebook Group or you’re already a believer and want to discover new Groups, I’ve compiled a list of some of the most engaged and helpful lawyer communities on Facebook you can explore:  

1. Girl Attorney – National

Girl Attorney

This lively group is for “women attorneys (both those who do & do not practice law), to support and encourage each other professionally and personally.” Led by Oklahoma trial attorney Susan Carns Curtiss, this group is great if you’re looking for referrals for potential clients, resources for your practice, or just need to chat about an issue. Find this Group on Twitter @girlattorneyllc.

2. LegalMinds

Legal Minds

Led by Southern California trial attorney and social media expert Mitch Jackson, LegalMinds is for lawyers and other professionals who want to learn how to grow their online presence and market their businesses using social media marketing, branding, and relationship building. Note: This Group is a closed “invitation only” group and lawyers in good standing must answer several questions before admission. Connect with Mitch on Twitter @mitchjackson or follow #legalminds.

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3. Lawyer Forward

Lawyer Forward

Created by Mike Whelan, host of the Lawyer Forward podcast, this community is for solo and small firm lawyers and is “meant to help you find your place in the future of law.” Connect with Mike on Twitter @mikewhelanjr or follow #lawyerforward.

4. Lawyerist Insiders


This Group is led by the folks at the Lawyerist. It’s for solo and small firm lawyers “who are trying to figure out a better way to solve legal problems for clients.” Note: This group requires you to become a Lawyerist Insider first. Follow on Twitter @lawyerist.

5. Boss Lady Esq.

Boss Lady Esq

With close to 8,000 members (at time of publication), this active Group is specifically for women-owned law firms looking to connect with fellow boss ladies. If you have questions about practicing law, running a business, or anything related to being a woman in the legal profession, consider joining this group.

6. LegalTech Community

legal tech-1

This Group fosters greater community engagement in the LegalTech industry. Led by Nick Rishwain, host of LegalTechLIVE and VP at, this online community is for individuals interested in legal technology and the advancement of the legal profession. Follow Nick on Twitter @nickjrishwain.

7. Maximum Lawyer

Maximum Lawyer

If automation, systems, and the latest in legal solutions are your jam, then this group is for you. Created by Jim Hacking and Tyson Mutrux, here you’ll find fellow lawyers exchanging ideas and resources on how to maximize productivity and improve their law practices. You can find this Group on Twitter @maximumlawyer.

About the Author

Nicole Abboud-Shayan is the Business Development Associate for WordRake. Prior to joining the team, Nicole practiced law for several years and then launched her own media and marketing company. Follow Nicole on Twitter @nicoleabboud or connect with her on LinkedIn.

Transform anything you write to make you look and sound like an expert writer.

If your professional duties require writing, WordRake will tighten up your text and finds better ways to say what you want.

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