Professional Drafting

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What makes an effective legal document? Any legal professional would recognize the importance of creating a document rich with high-quality analysis, careful drafting, and thorough research. But many legal professionals would overlook document form and creation.

In Microsoft Word for Legal Practitioners, practicing lawyer Monica Korf provides step-by-step instructions on how to perform document creation tasks that are part of most legal workflows. In “Chapter 4: Professional Drafting,” Monica shows you how to:

  • use and modify Styles
  • create and update a Table of Contents
  • insert and update Cross References

After one read-through you may not remember each step, but if you download this chapter, you’ll have an easy reference ready when you create long documents. If this chapter inspires you to get better at using Microsoft Word, then check out the book.

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Chapter reprinted with permission. Originally published in Microsoft Word for Legal Practitioners by Monica Korf, Virtual Legal Online Services (Pty) Ltd. Copyright © 2020. Complete book available at Barnes & Noble.