Why Your Content Marketing Writing Needs to Be Polished and Professional

Communication has always been important, perhaps no more important than today given people’s short attention spans. Business communication is no exception. While press releases and newspaper advertisements were commonly employed for announcements, launches, new hires, and marketing advertisements, now businesses and individuals have numerous alternative platforms to disseminate ideas in writing and help attract clients. Platforms like blogs, websites, online journals, and social media have become indispensable for attracting clients and increasing revenue.

With so much marketing relying on the written word, now more ever, strong writing skills are necessary. As a lawyer, a business owner, someone building a personal brand, or anyone using online platforms to write, it’s important for your writing to be polished and professional. Here are a few reasons good writing skills can help you improve your content marketing and your business communications.

Good Writing Skills Convey Credibility

Your writing is a representation of your capabilities as a lawyer, business owner, or writer. Everything you publish online reflects on you and helps contribute towards your overall personal brand. If your writing, even in a LinkedIn post, contains grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, people will not take what you’re saying (or you) seriously. Polished writing shows you are credible, you pay attention to small details, and you can communicate clearly. Those are valuable traits to possess when you are building relationships with potential clients.

Good Writing Skills Generate Leads

When you put forth polished writing that is clear and concise, your message reaches your intended reader more directly. Good writing cuts through the noise that is online and helps you target your message to the right potential customer. Connecting with your audience plays a key role in influencing their decision to hire you. If your writing is riddled with errors or is filled with unnecessary jargon, you’ll have a more difficult time clarifying your message and generating leads for your business.

Improving Your Writing Skills Creates Clearer Messaging

To connect with your intended audience, your writing needs to be clear and precise. Improving your writing can help you be a better messenger. If your writing is imprecise, so will your message. An unclear message will leave your reader with questions and confusion.

Writing crisply means using plain English and avoiding complicated “big words” that do nothing but convolute your message and lose your readers. Writing concisely involves the elimination of words that add nothing to your message – also known as filler words. That’s why employing editing tools like WordRake can help you convey your message with concision and clarity.

If you’re looking to quickly become a better writer with little effort, let WordRake help you. Consider downloading a free 7-day trial of WordRake to help you edit your writing for clarity and brevity.

About the Author

Nicole Abboud-Shayan is the Business Development Associate for WordRake. Prior to joining the team, Nicole practiced law for several years and then launched her own media and marketing company. Follow Nicole on Twitter @nicoleabboud or connect with her on LinkedIn.

Our Story

WordRake founder Gary Kinder has taught over 1,000 writing programs for AMLAW 100 firms, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies. He’s also a New York Times bestselling author. As a writing expert and coach, Gary was inspired to create WordRake when he noticed a pattern in writing errors that he thought he could address with technology.

In 2012, Gary and his team of engineers created WordRake editing software to help writers produce clear, concise, and effective prose. It runs in Microsoft Word and Outlook, and its suggested changes appear in the familiar track-changes style. It saves time and gives confidence. Writing and editing has never been easier.