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Punctuating on Purpose-3D
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Many of us approach punctuation and punctuating sentences like we're stepping into a mine field while wearing clown shoes: We're bound to trip on something unpleasant. As a writing coach, Ben Riggs understands the anxieties and frustrations that come with fussing about commas or feeling caught between using a hyphen or an em dash.

To help, he's created the Punctuating on Purpose booklet. In it, Ben demystifies commonly confusing punctuation and shows how punctuation can elevate and clarify your writing. The booklet includes lessons on:

  • Clarifying the Comma
  • Saving the Semi-Colon
  • Using the Colon for All It's Worth
  • The Big Three: The Hyphen, the En Dash, and the Em Dash
  • Proceed with Caution: Ellipses, Points, and Exclamation Points

When you’re done reading this booklet, check out Ben's innovative lunch-break coaching offerings.