Building Your Reputation at Work

30-Minute Professional Development Webinar


Learning how to clearly and effectively communicate your value, your ideas, or your legal arguments as a young lawyer is a powerful way to advance your career. When you’re still new to the legal profession, it can seem intimidating to speak up and represent your value, whether it’s in a legal brief to a judge or during a one-on-one meeting with your supervising attorney. Join Ivy B. Grey as she explains simple communication strategies for compelling personal and professional success as a young lawyer.

In this 30-minute program, Ivy B. Grey shows you how to:

  • connect your personal brand to your work
  • focus your image and streamline your message
  • use your assignments to reinforce your brand message
  • show clarity, confidence and focus in writing (ex: legal memos, business emails, blogs, and social media posts)
  • find opportunities to practice your skills and build your reputation daily

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Ivy B. Grey regularly speaks about ethics, technology, and legal service delivery for a modern legal practice. Before joining the WordRake team, she practiced bankruptcy law for ten years. Ivy was recently recognized as a 2020 Influential Woman in Legal Tech by the International Legal Technology Association.

Ivy is available for CLE programs, webinars, and podcasts. She will also work with you to design an ethics program for your firm.

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