Connecting Technology Training and Substantive Legal Writing Skills Webinar

Legal writing instructors often believe that they must choose between teaching substantive legal writing skills or teaching technology skills. But those two objectives are not in conflict. In fact, technology skills and substantive skills reinforce each other because in law, form creates substance and failure to follow form can cost a client her case. In this webinar, we’ll show how legal writing instructors can weave technology skills (like using Microsoft Word’s Table of Contents, Styles, Table of Authorities, Navigation Pane, and Track Changes, and some add-ins like WordRake) into the curriculum to reinforce substantive legal writing concepts, such as information hierarchy and design, weight of authority, and persuasive audience-focused writing.

Good legal writing involves effectively communicating legal ideas, arguments, and analysis in a clear and organized manner, supported by the right legal authority, and delivered on-deadline and within budget. To achieve these goals, substance and technology must work together. We will draw on learning and development research from cognitive process theory of composition and spaced repetition, as well as scaffolding skills to create a steady progress from novice writer to expert.

Thanks for your interest in WordRake’s webinar. WordRake is clear and concise editing software for legal professionals. We’re available to demonstrate WordRake for your deans and colleagues and discuss curriculum integrations and use cases. To request a quote, get technical information, or to set up a demo, please contact


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