Be Productive

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The road to law firm partnership is cloaked in mystique—and attaining partnership seems more like a wishful fairytale than a real career path. With ill-defined milestones and an unmarked roadmap, it's no wonder we cling to the crumbs of vague advice we receive. But that’s about to change.

In The Essential Associate: Step Up, Stand Out, and Rise to the Top as a Young Lawyer, author, lawyer, and business development coach Jay Harrington sees the law firm associate world as it truly is and gives practical advice for how to succeed in that world. One unmistakable charge is that a successful, partner-track associate must be productive. In chapter four, “Be Productive,” available to download here, Jay explains how to:

  • Minimize distractions to spend more time doing deep work
  • Organize your day for success, including how to use time-blocking
  • Recognize the difference between urgent and important, and prioritize excelling at the work that will get you noticed and promoted
  • Use simple tools like lists to improve your productivity

The chapter ends with a summary you can use as a reference to keep you on track. Download this chapter to get Jay’s invaluable advice, his essential summary and action steps for productivity, and more.

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Chapter reprinted with permission from Harrington Communications LLC. Originally published in The Essential Associate: Step Up, Stand Out, and Rise to the Top as a Young Lawyer by Jay Harrington. Copyright © 2018. Complete book available on Amazon.