The Art & Science of 
Writing Business Email

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It’s time to reject the perception of email as informal and unimportant. If you’re conducting business via email, then it matters. Everything we write reflects on our professional reputation.

A well-written email distinguishes us and endears us to our readers, which makes them more likely to respond well to our messages. Effective emails aren’t just persuasive; they’re clear, concise, well-organized, and error-free.

In The Art & Science of Writing Business Email, we give you strategies to write effective business emails that will show respect, elicit responses, and get readers to take action.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Appropriately address your audience 
  • Organize your content for the best results 
  • Edit to eliminate confusion 
  • Use etiquette to balance familiarity and formality 

If your emails don’t lead to the results you want, if people rarely respond to you, or if you’re new to the business world, then this is the guide for you. Your colleagues, clients, and other businesspeople expect better email communication. Improve now.

Combine the tips from The Art & Science of Writing Business Email with the WordRake editing software to send better business emails in Microsoft Outlook. Using the familiar track-changes style, WordRake will help you edit for clarity and brevity—just like you would edit a letter in Microsoft Word. 

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