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Clearconcise, and compelling writing is the key to a successful litigation practice. In this 90-minute legal writing program, WordRake founder and legal writing expert Gary Kinder will show you how to spot wordiness and enliven your writing. 

In this engaging program, Gary gives invaluable legal writing advice specifically for litigators. Gary also shows how to effectively edit a brief, drawing on the eleven signs of wordiness that provide the foundation for WordRake’s editing algorithms. Learn to:  

  • Recognize signs and signal words to improve your writing 
  • Decipher passive voice and change it to active voice 
  • See the difference between boring nouns and lively verbs 
  • Make persuasive arguments and tell a compelling story 

Gary’s approach to persuasive legal writing will strengthen your case and increase your chances of winning. Download this program now. 

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Recorded program shared with permission from the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association. Originally recorded on November 12, 2019. Copyright © 2019.