5 Great Gifts for Graduates


At the end of the school year, we’re thinking about gifts for soon-to-be graduates. The ideal gift will set a graduate up for success and provide lasting value.

So what gift can you give that the new graduates in your life can take with them as they start a new academic program or job? Consider software and electronic books. They’ll contribute to graduates’ success and won’t take up any space in a dorm room, tiny grad student studio, or starter apartment.

Here’s the graduation gift guide for the writers in your life. Aspiring novelists, editors, lawyers, and students can each find something on this list that they’ll appreciate. (It’s okay if the writer in your life is you. Go ahead, treat yourself!)

1. Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea: The History and Discovery of the World's Richest Shipwreck

All good writers are readers. There’s no greater joy than reading a captivating, well-written book. The New York Times bestseller Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea is written by business and legal writing expert Gary Kinder. Diving into this book is the perfect way to relax and reinforce good writing habits at the same time.

2. WordRake: Quick and Accurate Editing for Clarity and Brevity

Every writer wishes for more time to edit—and a colleague to help. Unfortunately, everyone is rushed so it’s tough to find time to edit your work or anyone else’s. Give the gift of quick and accurate editing in Microsoft Word and Outlook with WordRake. WordRake is a great gift for any writer who wishes to tighten and enliven their prose. For graduates entering the business world or starting grad school, learning to write clearly and concisely will bring countless personal and professional benefits.

This isn't spelling and grammar software. This is editing software to improve brevity and simplicity.

Succinct writing for 35 cents a day.

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3. PerfectIt: Fast and Painless Proofreading

When you’ve invested so much time crafting the perfect research paper, project proposal, presentation, 1L appellate brief, or collection of short stories, it’s painful to find a typo or inconsistency. A few more rounds of proofreading could have caught that, but wouldn’t you rather spend your time with your friends and loved ones? PerfectIt is a great gift for writers who want extra help polishing their final document. It checks for consistency of capitalization and punctuation in bullets and tables, enforces regional spelling preferences, and catches unclosed parentheses and quotes.

4. Blinkist: Cultivate a Curious Mind

Every phase of life brings new life lessons. With a curious mind, your graduate will learn to ask better questions, identify learning opportunities, and turn stumbles into growing opportunities. Reading broadly encourages curiosity. Blinkist is a service that distills the key ideas from thousands of books ranging from business and self-help to history and psychology into digestible chunks that can be consumed in 15 minutes of reading or listening. Blinkist is a great way to learn about new ideas without having to invest much time, which is perfect for a commute or as a break between projects.

5. Kindle Unlimited: Limitless Library of Resources

Kindle Unlimited gives you access to Amazon’s entire library of books, magazines, and audiobooks. With this broad access, any writer can find inspiration for her next novel, article, screenplay, or marketing plan. Enjoy resources as much or as little as you’d like with no commitment or space concerns. A Kindle Unlimited subscription is ideal for voracious readers with small budgets, stuffed bookshelves, and ambitious goals.


These gifts will last. And unlike a new tablet with electronic ink or voice-activated product, these gifts will keep giving because they improve writing or nourish the mind. Clear thinking and clear writing are life-long assets. Writers can start their next chapter of life knowing they’ll be more thoughtful, productive, efficient, and streamlined.

Inspired? Give the gift of WordRake today.

About the Author

Ivy B. Grey is the Chief Strategy & Growth Officer for WordRake. Prior to joining the team, she practiced bankruptcy law for ten years. In 2020, Ivy was recognized as an Influential Woman in Legal Tech by ILTA. She has also been recognized as a Fastcase 50 Honoree and included in the Women of Legal Tech list by the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center. Follow Ivy on Twitter @IvyBGrey or connect with her on LinkedIn.

This isn't spelling and grammar software. This is editing software to improve brevity and simplicity.

Succinct writing for 35 cents a day.

Get Instant Editing Advice

Our Story

WordRake founder Gary Kinder has taught over 1,000 writing programs for AMLAW 100 firms, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies. He’s also a New York Times bestselling author. As a writing expert and coach, Gary was inspired to create WordRake when he noticed a pattern in writing errors that he thought he could address with technology.

In 2012, Gary and his team of engineers created WordRake editing software to help writers produce clear, concise, and effective prose. It runs in Microsoft Word and Outlook, and its suggested changes appear in the familiar track-changes style. It saves time and gives confidence. Writing and editing has never been easier.