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The secret to writing well is rewriting. WordRake tightens, tones, and clarifies your writing. Just click the "rake" button and watch the in-line editor ripple through your document, suggesting edits to remove clutter and improve unclear phrasing, just like a live editor. Give your first drafts the polish of a second or third draft, quickly and painlessly. Learn more.

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— Lewis L. Cobb
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WordRake News

December 05,2018

WordRake 3.5 is Here!

We're on a continuous mission to refine WordRake. That's why we're thrilled to introduce WordRake 3.5. Read More.

November 05,2018

WordRake Welcomes Lawyer and Legal Tech Entrepreneur Ivy B. Grey as the New Director of Business Strategy

CEO Jim Figel announces that WordRake has hired Ivy B. Grey to lead Business Strategy as WordRake broadens its presence in the legal tech market.   Read More
April 09,2018

WordRake for Mac Now Available

Announcing the newest arrival in WordRake’s stable of professional editing and proofreading software.  Read More