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“I love WordRake. It is by far the most sophisticated style editor out there, especially for legal briefs and other documents that are already good, but need tightening. A major improvement over MS editing functions, and no competitor even comes close.”
Philip Nelson Lawyer, Knobbe Martens

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Legal Industry

WordRake is my favorite software of all time.

Randi Mayes Past Executive Director, ILTA

WordRake is one of the only truly useful enhancements to Word’s core functionality that I’ve seen released in the last ten years.

Jack Newton CEO and Co-Founder, CLIO

[T]he more you write and the higher your standards, the more you realize that you’re fallible. I now regard WordRake as another line of defense.

Ken Adams Adams on Contract Drafting

This is more than checking your grammar; any program can do that. This actually helps you to improve your writing.

Ed Poll Principal, LawBiz Management

I was dumbfounded when the software quickly provided an embarrassing number of edits of my 6-page article, more than 90% of which I agreed with; even my editors missed most of what WordRake found.

Sharon D. Nelson President, Sensei Enterprises, Inc.

I used WordRake to ‘rake’ one of my client deliverables. Nearly all of the suggestions were right on target. The result was a substantially tighter document, and I saved editing time.

Patrick J. Lamb Founder, Valorem Law Group and ElevateNext Law

I ‘raked’ a 25-page operating agreement in 30 seconds, resulting in 60 insertions and 140 deletions. WordRake is perfect for anyone who wants their writing to be less verbose and more persuasive.

George E. Leloudis Lawyer and Reviewer, American Bar Association

Until WordRake, there was no program on my computer where I got a return on my investment the same day I used it.

Sean La Roque-Doherty Technology Writer, Law Technology News

I was so enormously impressed, I instantly bought three-year licenses for every lawyer, manager, and legal assistant on my staff.

Christine Helwick Former General Counsel, California State University

After our trial, our 25 attorneys unanimously approved WordRake. My cost/benefit analysis was a no-brainer. With the 3-5 hours saved per month by each attorney, the return is at least ten-fold.

Eric Vos Chief Defender, Federal Public Defender, District of Puerto Rico

After years of self-editing, I thought I knew how to write. Then I found WordRake, and my eyes were opened to a new writing style. WordRake has shown me just how ‘wordy’ I can be, and almost any text is improved with suggestions from this remarkable software. I’d be lost without it.

Charles Dick Arbitrator and Mediator, JAMS

Concise and clear writing is a daily necessity. Writing in an active voice is far more persuasive. I use it as a final check on almost everything I write. It has helped me become a better writer. Overall, I highly recommend it if you write a lot and you care about the quality of your writing.

Joel Pace Partner, Levatino|Pace LLP

Recently, I wrote an important appeal brief and ran it through WordRake. The appeal board commented my arguments were complex but clear and easy to follow. WordRake is my ‘go-to’ editor on any important email or document. I even use it to modernize my transactional forms, and my clients say that my documents are easy to read.

Richard Warren Lawyer, Law Offices Of Richard D Warren

I ‘raked’ a motion that I’m about to file and love the results. I use WordRake all the time, and it’s worth every penny; I notice things in my writing I didn’t notice before. I recommend it for everyone that will not file briefs in opposition to mine.

Jarod Morris Lawyer and Reviewer, Oklahoma Bar News

[WordRake] is easy to use and even if I didn't implement 100% of the suggestions, it made me think more about clarity and precision. WordRake makes editing longer documents much easier and avoids the ‘bleary eye and foggy brain’ syndrome I’d seem to get after going through them several times on my own.

Jim Monast Owner, Monast Law Office, LLC

Great product for anyone who needs an extra pair of eyes to proof what they wrote.

Scott Walter Lawyer, Scott E. Walter Attorney at Law

With WordRake, I effectively and efficiently polish my writing using a second set of eyes: ever-present, always focused, and never blinking.

Philippe Doyle Gray Barrister, 8 Wentworth Chambers

Began using WordRake two years ago primarily to get briefs to fit within page count limitations. Realized it was more importantly helping me make my writing more focused and punchy.

Kevin McQuillan Lawyer, McQuillan Law Office LLC

WordRake is my second pair of eyes for everything that I draft in Word or send in Outlook. It makes my writing more concise and professional. I use it every day.

Chris Cummings Lawyer, Christopher J. Cummings, P.C.

WordRake forces me to take a second look at a brief. It shows me where my sentences have been redundant or poorly phrased. Sometimes WordRake even shows me holes in an argument or a better way to lay out reasoning. It’s a fantastic tool.

Jason Han Solo Practitioner, The Law Offices of Jason Han

I use WordRake to reduce the clutter in my drafts. It works well for letters, contracts, and other legal documents. I accept over 90% of its recommended edits.

Peter Lindquist Lawyer, Peter N. Lindquist

Makes for fast and accurate proofreading and clarity.

Jim Van Dillen Lawyer, Van Dillen & Flood, P.C.

WordRake cleans up all the messy little errors that we make as we speed through the creation of documents. If you don't have it, you can pay a big price in value lost in the presentation of poorly crafted work to important clients.

Edward Blakely Consultant Lawyer, Chalk and Beherent

WordRake is a dynamite editing tool that assists in reducing every motion, letter or brief 10-20%, adding clarity and meaning to each document. We use it on everything we write, including emails. Best tool in the box.

Kevin Marshall Trial Lawyer

WordRake has been a great tool that helps keep my emails, letters, and filings less wordy and easier to read.

D.M. Dalton Lawyer, Dalton & Associates PC

I use WordRake extensively in Outlook and Word. I write well, but WordRake has taken my writing to another level. It compresses my language by taking out figures of speech and surplus words that bulk up writing without adding substance.

James Gilmore Estate Litigation Lawyer, Gilmore and Gilmore

WordRake is a wonderful tool I have been using for several years. Not only does it help clean up writing, but it also helps you learn how to draft better. WordRake quickly cleans up prose so you get to the point faster.

Adron Beene Lawyer, Law Offices of Adron Beene

I use WordRake to edit title opinions, litigation pleadings, and most importantly, appellate briefs. Proper language usage is a priority and WordRake assists in ensuring that.

Dale Elsener Lawyer, Law Offices of G. Dale Elsener

My writing is essential to my legal practice. WordRake has saved my a** on more than one occasion and I use it on literally every document I write. It makes me appear more literate and cogent—and I appreciate its functionality.

Daniel Simon Lawyer, Law Offices of Daniel I. Simon

WordRake is a fantastic editor that allows me to communicate complex legal principles clearly and concisely.

Steve Bailey Lawyer, Elder Law Firm of Steve Bailey

Your product helps young lawyers translate ‘legalese’ into English.

William Bush Lawyer, Bush + Ramirez PLLC

Makes my writing more concise.

Lawrence Zeringue Attorney at Law, Lawrence W. Zeringue, PC

I routinely prepare investment summaries, legal contracts, status memos and use WordRake all the time to improve the quality and credibility. It is amazing how many times corrections are necessary. I depend on this program.

John Baker General Counsel, U.S. Managers Realty, Inc.

WordRake has been a useful tool and has improved my work product substantially. I have used it for years. Despite learning better grammar because of this tool, I continue to learn and improve. WordRake is outstanding.

Steven Hickey President, Hickey, Cianciolo, Fishman & Finn, PC

WordRake is an invaluable tool, even for good writers. It helps identify flaws and weaknesses in the writing, resulting in a better work product. I would recommend it to everyone who cares about producing a great work product.

Shaun Murphy Partner, Slovak Baron Empey Murphy & Pinkney LLP

WordRake is a fabulous tool. It has helped me tighten and condense my writing. I still ‘rake,’ but it’s so much fun when the results come back with nothing to ‘rake.’

Melinda Gamot Lawyer, Gamot Law Firm

WordRake is absolutely superb! I have had it for years and continue to recommend it to others.

Lawrence Katz Attorney at Law, Lawrence S. Katz, P.A.

Even after I’ve been practicing for 35 years, WordRake reminds me how much more I can improve—and do improve—each time I use this tool. It renders my work concise, clear, and more sophisticated. I have been using it for years and wouldn’t be without it.

Loren Molever Managing Member, Molever Conelly PLLC

I enjoy writing and always have. WordRake helps comb my drafts for excess words and phrases, often exposing weak points. I don't always agree, but it is easy to take the good suggestions and leave the others aside.

Bob Blacksberg Principal, Blacksberg Associates LLC

I use WordRake as a law student. It has helped me develop an effective, concise writing style recognized by both my peers and professors. This style change also has proven beneficial in my job where I compose technical policies and procedures. Over the past year WordRake has enhanced my writing skills 110%.

Jen Duncan Law Student, Emory University

Unless you are teaching the English language at a major university, you need WordRake–just buy it, you'll never regret it.

William Hagen Retired Lawyer

As a retired lawyer/business planner, I am sensitive to imperfect correspondence. I use WordRake to ensure that my business writings reflect my professional standards. It does. I accept most suggested rewrites.

James Burk Principal/Partner, Burk Law Firm PC

I am recommending WordRake to others in our firm, both lawyers and administrative staff.

Jeff Sharp Partner, Marshall, Gerstein & Borun LLP

I LOVE THIS! Initial install and testing worked well, and the use as a tool in checking documents is phenomenal.

Jim Berg Former Technology Director, Graham & Dunn

I really am impressed with WordRake and believe they’re in front of an impressive opportunity.

Bill Lipner Technologist, PinHawk Blog, Legal Administrator Daily

WordRake is one of the most exciting technologies to come to the legal world in years.

Dave Maxfield Speaker, ABA TECHSHOW

I use WordRake on practically every document I draft. It makes my writing more precise. Besides giving me confidence in my written work, WordRake allows me to work faster, so it saves time and money.

Joe Peiffer Lawyer, Day Rettig Peiffer, P.C.

I am super happy to have WordRake at my fingertips. My students and my consulting clients are grumbling, but I am very happy. I love this product and have waited years for the Mac version.

Randy Lewis Professor and Consultant

WordRake greatly improved my writing. I ‘rake’ every document, from appellate briefs to personal emails.

Tom McDow Partner, McDow & Urquhart, LLC

Education, Government, and Non-profit

This is the best editing program that I have used.

Primnath Gooptar Lecturer, University of the West Indies

It’s a comfort knowing I can just write, without agonizing over it like I usually do, and then ‘rake’ my text with WordRake. WordRake’s suggestions are so quick and succinct, and they add punch to my writing.

Roberta Johnson Director of Student Financial Aid, Iowa State University

I searched for a comparable editing program, but I couldn’t find anything like it. WordRake should become a staple in any government agency.

Nancy Locke Past Director of Purchasing and Contracting Services, City of Seattle

I have been using WordRake since its launch. It is a great product when you do not have someone to check your work and it helps you to write efficiently over time.

Julie Johnson Senior Associate Vice President, CSU Stanislaus

Outstanding product saved me a lot of stress.

Sandra Robertson Professor, Thomas Nelson Community College

Any writing can use an objective eye. WordRake can be a dependable tool to help fill that role and give added confidence for clear communication.

Roger Whitridge Professor, Orange Coast College

Prior to adopting WordRake, we were guilty of using far too many superfluous words, resulting in redundant, unneeded and certainly unnecessary sentences.

Neil Johnson President, William Howard Taft University

WordRake is a great program that helps writers streamline their content. It is easier to use than similar editors.

Abdur Harper Supply Chain Management, U.S. Government

My sermons are now highly polished after using WordRake. I use this app every day I prepare my reflections of the Gospel. Thanks!

Michael Tkachuk Reverend, Archeparchy of Winnipeg

Finance, Business, and Industry

I ‘raked’ one of the short contracts we use in the office and there were about 25 changes. I accepted all but one. Then I raked it a second time and got even more edits!

Gary Williams Certified Financial Planner, TrustWell Financial Advisors

I have ‘raked’ 16 contracts, and I am simply in awe of the powerful difference it makes. I am a careful tactician, but the ‘tighten up’ that this program does is wonderful. It is amazing to find something that is excellent technically AND user-friendly. I love it.

Helen Larsen President, Assessment and Presentation of Forensic Evidence, LLC

WordRake’s editing in Word or Outlook is amazing. My regular editor, an English major, is mostly now off my back. If your professional duties require writing, you must give this software a try.

Brian Francis Vice President and General Partner, Maxcis Incorporated

I ‘rake’ every email and Word document. A terrific tool.

Jonny Frank Partner, StoneTurn

WordRake is an excellent product that provides QA on all our Word documents and emails.

Catherine Birchall Director, Money101

Publishing, Editing, and Marketing

Most of my clients are non-native English speakers, many of whom use unnecessarily long phrases to convey simple ideas. WordRake helps me cut through the wordiness and clarify their ideas. I also run WordRake on texts I've translated into English. It draws attention to places where my translation is too literal and suggests more concise language.

Erin Goedhart-Stallings Owner, Stallings English Language Services

I love using WordRake for final edited documents!

Dr. Julie Conzelmann Copyeditor, Superior Editing Services

WordRake gives me the critical perspective and distance from my work I need. It offers flexibility within the editing process because I am able to choose to accept or ignore suggestions, section by section, and thus more efficiently articulate my creative intention.

Wendy Glassby Writer/Editor, Lily Ellen Publishing

I started using WordRake about a year ago and I love it. As a writer, you want tools that make your job easier and this program does the job. I recommend it without reservation.

Shirley McLain Writer, Shirley’s Books

WordRake not only helps with real-time editing, it also helps writers think about their work going forward. Very useful.

Karl Ackermann Principal, WriteSpace, LLC

Love this tool–especially after a late-night writing session–it says what you should have written in the first place.

Jan Emslie Writer, The MentalPause

I do not know how I ever wrote without WordRake!

John Hopkins Digital Marketing, Searcy Denney

WordRake makes my important writing easier to read. I have used it for years and plan to continue benefiting from its suggestions ongoing. Best editing software I have found.

Cathy Cheshire Founder, Master Grief Coaching & Online Certification

I am a freelance writer and WordRake is a fantastic editing software product.

Dr. George Gallant Freelance Writer

I’ve just used WordRake to scan an entire book. I couldn’t believe how many times I had used phrases like, ‘He began to cry,’ instead of ‘He cried.’ I can’t find a word that expresses how impressed I am!

Hope Moffett Publisher Emeritus, Vineyard & Winery Management Magazine

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Your message is only as effective as your writing. Go beyond correctness with WordRake.
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How Does it Work?

WordRake is editing software designed by writing expert and New York Times bestselling author Gary Kinder. Like an editor or helpful colleague, WordRake ripples through your document checking for needless words and cumbersome phrases. Its complex algorithms find and improve weak lead-ins, confusing language, and high-level grammar and usage slips.

WordRake runs in Microsoft Word and Outlook, and its suggestions appear in the familiar track-changes style. If you’ve used track changes, you already know how to use WordRake. There’s nothing to learn and nothing to interpret. Editing for clarity and brevity has never been easier.