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“WordRake is one of the only truly useful enhancements to Word’s core functionality that I’ve seen released in the last ten years.”


Jack Newton
CEO and Co-Founder, CLIO

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WordRake offers over 35,000 editing algorithms to improve brevity and simplicity.

Designed for legal, business, and government writers, WordRake respects legally operative phrases and converts writing to plain English.

WordRake works in 3 simple steps:

  • 1
    wordRake-step-1 Select Your
    Editing Mode
  • 2
    wordRake-step-2 Click Rake to
    Get Suggestions
  • 3
    wordRake-step-3 Accept or Reject

wordRake-step-1 Select Your
Editing Mode


2 Editing Modes Available

Without WordRake

The entity will nonetheless be treated as one person if it was not created for the purpose of participating in the action.

With WordRake

The entity will nonetheless still be treated as one person if it was not created for the purpose of participating to participate in the action.

  • Choose Brevity mode to prioritize succinct writing.
  • Choose Simplicity mode to prioritize familiar word choices.
  • Check both boxes to maximize your editing suggestions.

wordRake-step-2 Click Rake to
Get Suggestions


Click Rake to Analyze Your Text

  • In one click, WordRake detects jargon and legalese, redundancies, nominalizations, and more.
  • Then, it provides context-specific suggestions in the familiar track-changes style.
  • It’s as quick and easy as spellcheck!

wordRake-step-3 Accept or Reject


Control What You Change

  • Use familiar track-changes style functionality to accept or reject editing suggestions.
  • WordRake suggests improvements, but you decide which changes to accept.
  • With WordRake, you’ll get the same in-depth review on page 5 or page 55.

Go beyond editing for grammar and spelling. Give your first drafts the polish of a second or third draft, quickly and painlessly.


WordRake will help you:

  • Edit for plain language and reduce jargon and legalese
  • Cut throat-clearing introductory phrases
  • Remove unnecessary descriptive words and modifiers
  • Correct nominalizations and wordy adjective phrases
  • Remove redundancies and correct usage errors
  • Catch high-level grammar and punctuation mistakes
  • Edit conversational language to be more professional
  • Reduce wordiness and meet word counts

In one click, WordRake helps professionals improve writing in Microsoft Word and Outlook.

Available for Mac or Windows softwares-icons

Instant editing advice for as little as 40¢ per day.

The newspaper considered the legal ramifications, ultimately deciding to publish publishing rather than scrap scrapping the story.

WordRake improves flow by converting nouns to verbs

Despite the undeniable fact that Although the court would rule in Defendant’s favor, Plaintiff pursued its case.

WordRake removes throat clearing introductions

The claims that Consulting Co. now makes for recovery of to recover its settlement payments from the Smiths are identical to the contribution claims which Consulting Co. has, by operation of law, already released by law.

WordRake improves clarity by reducing wordiness

The clubs were consolidated combined into a larger organization.

WordRake replaces difficult words with familiar, simple words

It is essential that Candidates must provide digital copies of their resumes.

WordRake restructures confusing phrasing where the actor is hidden

The Smith Corporation, by and through its undersigned counsel, as and for its Complaint against Bank states...

WordRake trims legal doublets and triplets

Writers around the world trust WordRake. Read our Reviews!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does WordRake check grammar or spelling?
WordRake edits documents and emails to remove useless phrases and words, making your documents and emails clear and concise. WordRake does not edit grammar or spelling—these functions are already included in Microsoft Word and Outlook. Begin editing your document or email by using Microsoft's built-in spelling and grammar feature to make corrections. Next, use WordRake to analyze your content.
How long does it take to Rake a document?
WordRake can typically edit 15 to 35 pages per minute. On newer systems, it can be even faster. Exact performance will depend on operating system, computer, and document characteristics like total document length, font size, line spacing, and smart document features, such as cross references and footnotes.
How does WordRake for Word display editing suggestions?

WordRake displays all edits inline in the familiar track-changes style. 


  • I am writing to provide a brief overview of summarize the financial report.
  • To the contrary, But as described above, the undisputed evidence clearly eliminates any such possibility like this.
  • The parties consulted by phone, email, and letter in a good faith attempt to resolve differences but were unable to could not reach an accord agreement.
Can I save my changes and continue later?

Yes. WordRake will save all accepted edits and any pending suggestions when you save your document. When you return to editing, you can pick up where you left off. No other software allows you to work through your document in multiple editing sessions without starting again from the beginning.

Is WordRake secure and reliable?

WordRake respects your data and confidential content, and safeguarding it is one of our primary governing principles. The WordRake software was designed for maximum confidentiality and data security.

Your content belongs to you. We do not collect or store information reflecting the substance or content of any text to which the software is applied. The software never records your writing and never communicates with the cloud or any device, except to confirm license validity, or if the user clicks one of the navigation options to our website (such as requesting customer support).

When you ask WordRake to give you editing suggestions, all processing takes place locally on your machine—we do not transmit the substance or content of your text to the cloud, or anywhere else.

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