The Businesses
We Build

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What does it mean to be a good lawyer? How confident are you that others would agree with your definition? If you’re struggling with conflicting advice about how to succeed as a lawyer then Lawyer Forward: Finding Your Place in the Future of Law is a great place for answers.

The expectation that lawyers can develop and deliver expertise while also giving instant access is untenable. To succeed, a lawyer must choose. In chapter 10, “The Businesses We Build,” author and lawyer Mike Whelan, Jr. tackles this conflict. He asks:

  • How can lawyers spend more time creating substantive value?
  • Where do your goals and client desires align—and is it profitable?
  • Should you invest in building something bigger or doing something better?

Download this chapter and ask these questions for yourself. Then check out the book. Throughout it, Mike imagines a collaborative model of legal practice and uses the framework of a “Legal Supply Chain” to show lawyers how to build a better business that satisfies lawyers and clients.

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Chapter reprinted with permission. Originally published in Lawyer Forward: Finding Your Place in the Future of Law, by Mike Whelan, Jr. Copyright © 2019. Complete book available on Amazon