Clarity and 

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A writer creates coherence through the choice and order of words in a sentence, sentences in a paragraph, and paragraphs in a chapter. Without attention to how each part and sub-part relates to the whole, it is impossible to deliver clear meaning to the reader. Yet writing instructors often advise novice writers about only one of the three, which leads writers to become enamored with an elegant sentence or clever phrase, forgetting about the writer’s sole purpose: to serve the reader.

Without coming across as pedantic or getting bogged down in the minutiae of grammar, legal writing expert Patrick Barry makes lessons about legal writing accessible and easy to apply. In chapter 8, “Clarity and Coherence,” the author digs into how to create unity and flow in writing. Patrick discusses:

  • why writers should transition from old to new concepts in sentences and paragraphs
  • how to use structure to create coherence for readers
  • how to create clarity without sounding repetitive

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Chapter reprinted under creative commons license. Originally published in Good with Words: Writing and Editing by Patrick Barry. Copyright © 2019. Complete book available at Maize Books.