Building Legal Judgment Through Technology

55-Minute Professional Development Webinar


Clients get frustrated when lawyers don’t spend enough time on thoughtful, high-value work but still produce a hefty bill based on repetitive, low-value work. When you’re in the thick of things, it’s can be hard to tell the difference. That’s where “judgment” comes in. Good judgment means you understand the client’s needs, can create a plan to meet them, and have a sense for how much work is appropriate for the value and impact of the client matter. As you develop your judgment, you’ll learn from experience and apply the lessons to future work. We’ll show you how to use technology to work effectively and efficiently, and build the elusive—but necessary—skill of judgment. We’ll also show you how technology can reveal insights and reinforce learning as you work toward your professional goals.

In this 55-minute program, Ivy Grey will:

  • Define the problem of “poor judgment” and situate it in the context of common client frustrations.
  • Give young lawyers the tools to effectively approach new assignments to hone their skills and judgment.
  • Demystify the writing process and dispel myths that often lead to wasted time and weak work, which is typically referred to as “poor judgment.”
  • Show how technology can improve the writing and research process and help young lawyers gain insights that they can apply to future work.
  • Offer examples of technology tools lawyers can use and the types of insights this technology can bring and judgment it can build.

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Ivy Grey regularly speaks about ethics, technology, and legal service delivery for a modern legal practice. Before joining the WordRake team, she practiced bankruptcy law for ten years. Ivy was recently recognized as a 2020 Influential Woman in Legal Tech by the International Legal Technology Association.

Ivy is available for CLE programs, webinars, and podcasts. She will also work with you to design an ethics program for your firm.

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