AI Engagement Framework Webinar

As we expand our use of AI in law and lower (or remove) the barriers to accessing these tools, it is ever more important for us to be discerning users. We must question, verify, and scrutinize how we use AI tools and learn to act with wisdom and accountability.

To respond to our new AI landscape, we need a well-defined framework that guides the use, verification, and oversight of AI tools. The AI Engagement Framework offers this important guidance. It helps legal professionals make informed decisions on which tools to use for specific tasks; determine what level of scrutiny and interaction is required for reasonably accepting AI outputs; and understand how they can appropriately regulate safe and responsible use of AI, while firmly placing responsibility on (and leaving the final burden with) the legal user.

Three factors determine the level of risk involved in using AI in law and the level of oversight each AI tool requires when used:

  • How legal professionals engage with AI outputs and whether that engagement involves critical inquiry or passive acceptance
  • How much a legal professional must know about their topic, the database, and the platform to obtain a facially acceptable response
  • How the source material for generative AI is curated and what guardrails are in place to check responses before they are served to the user

In this webinar, we introduce and advocate for the AI Engagement Framework, a comprehensive guide designed to help legal professionals and regulators navigate the complexities of AI in law. We apply the framework concepts to provide insights into four categories of AI (Generative AI, Extractive AI, Corrective AI, and Collaborative AI) and teach how to critically evaluate them for risk, regulation, and oversight.

A clear framework for use of AI tools will direct ethical practices, teach responsible engagement, guide training and adoption policies, and ensure regulatory consistency.

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