Privacy Policy

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Our Company Commitment

We respect your data and confidential content, and safeguarding it is one of our primary governing principles.

Our Software

The WordRake software was designed for maximum confidentiality and data security. The WordRake software never records your writing and never communicates with the cloud or any device, except to confirm license validity or if the user clicks one of the navigation options to our website (such as requesting customer support).

Our Website

Our primary goal in collecting information is to provide our customers with superior products and service. We do not sell, trade, or rent your Personally Identifiable Information to any party. We collect data about customers and website visitors at three possible times:

  1. When you purchase our software. We collect this information to complete the transaction process.
  2. When you contact us or enter your email address on our website. When we request your email address solely for marketing purposes, entering it is always optional.
  3. When you visit our website or click on our ads. For marketing and analytics, we track website usage and page visits while you are on our website. We also track if you click on an ad through Google or social media outlets; we will track interaction with that ad, purchase transactions, and any website usage and page visits while you are on our website.

Please continue reading to learn the details about our privacy policy, and how we collect and use your information.

What this Privacy Policy Covers

This privacy policy addresses how we use the information we gather from you through the use of our website at (“Site”), the use of our WordRake® software (“Software”), or our other interactions with you. This privacy policy (“Policy”) summarizes the information we may collect, how we may use that information, and how we protect the information.

Changes to this Policy will be announced on our Site, so please check back periodically. By using the Site or obtaining any service through it, or by using our Software, you agree to the collection and use of information as set forth in this Policy.

If you do not agree to this Policy, please do not use the Site or the Software. This Policy is incorporated into, and considered part of, our End User License Agreements available at WordRake for Word EULA and WordRake for Outlook EULA. Capitalized words or phrases in this Policy may be defined herein or as set forth in the End User License Agreement.

Questions regarding this Policy should be directed to

We May Collect Two Types of Information from You

We may collect two types of information from Site visitors and Software users:

1.   Personally Identifiable Information:

“Personally Identifiable Information” refers to information that lets us know the specifics of who you are and can identify, contact or locate you, or associate you with a Licensed Device.

Personally Identifiable Information may be requested when you register with us, purchase our Software, correspond with us, or otherwise volunteer information. Personally Identifiable Information might include your name, mailing address, telephone number, mobile phone number, email address, and other identification and contact information. If you make a purchase through our Site, we may also collect certain financial information, like your credit card number.

2.   Non Personally Identifiable Information:

“Non Personally Identifiable Information” refers to information that does not identify a specific individual by itself or combined with other information. We may record and collect information regarding how a user uses and interacts with the Site. We may also record and collect technical information about how the Site functions when you use it, including error and/or bug reports. This information is used to improve the Site.

Non Personally Identifiable Information may be compiled and analyzed on both an individual and an aggregated basis. This information may include the website’s Uniform Resource Locator (“URL”) that you just came from, which URL you next go to, what browser you are using, and your Internet Protocol (“IP”) address. A URL is the global address of documents and other resources on the Internet. An IP address is an identifier for a computer or device on a Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (“TCP/IP”) network, such as the Internet. Networks use the TCP/IP protocol to route information based on the IP address of the destination. In other words, an IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer whenever you are surfing the Internet, allowing Internet servers to locate and identify your computer. Computers require IP addresses in order for users to communicate on the Internet, browse and shop.

Your Privacy When You Use Our Software

Activating and verifying your license; applying the Software to the content of your text to receive editing suggestions; and volunteering to give feedback as a beta user are each treated differently under our Privacy Policy.

How do we handle content to which you have applied the Software?

Your content belongs to you. We do not collect or store information reflecting the substance or content of any text to which the Software is applied, unless you are a BETA User. When you ask the Software to give you editing suggestions, all processing takes place locally on your machine—we do not transmit the substance or content of your text to the Cloud, or anywhere else.

When does the Software communicate with the cloud?

The Software never communicates with the cloud or any device, except to confirm license validity or if the user clicks one of the navigation options to our Site (such as to request customer support or learn about pricing options).

What’s the difference between the standard license, an enterprise license, and a trial license? How does it affect my privacy?

Our method for activating and verifying your license depends on the type of license you have, as detailed below. No matter the type of license you have, we do not collect information reflecting the substance or content of any text to which the Software is applied.

  Trial License WordRake Standard License WordRake Enterprise License
Content Processing:

To receive editing suggestions, your content is processed locally on your own computer.

We do not record or transmit your document content.

License Activation: Trial license activation is automatic, in the background, no action required by user. Requires a license key to be pasted into each machine. License activation is automatic, in the background, no action required by user.

Cloud Communication:

Briefly for license validation. Briefly for license validation, when license key is entered. Never communicates with the cloud.


How does license activation affect my privacy?

Communication with the cloud has some privacy implications. We limit cloud communication to necessary license activation events, as described below.

1. Standard License Key Activation

You receive a standard license when you purchase the Software from the Site at or when you receive a complimentary license key. To activate your license, you must paste a license key into your computer on which you will use the Software. At the time of license activation, the Software will communicate with the cloud to validate the key entered.

2. Enterprise License Key Activation

All enterprise licenses are custom-created for the organization, which requires working with our technical team. This is the only way to receive an enterprise license. The enterprise license you receive will have organizational information embedded in it, therefore license activation is automatic upon installation. The enterprise version of the Software never communications with the cloud, not even for activation.

3. Trial License Activation and Use

You receive a trial license when you sign up at or otherwise request a trial license. The Software will communicate briefly with the cloud to validate that the machine is eligible for a trial license.

How are beta users treated differently from other users?

This is rare. When we offer a BETA version of our software, we include specialized in-application tracking functionality so we may collect information on how you use WordRake’s new features. It requires installing a beta version of WordRake.

BETA Users agree to allow us to record and collect information regarding how the BETA User uses and interacts with the Software, including decisions on Software writing suggestions. BETA users also agree to allow the Software to report such information to us and to record and report Software internal information such as error reports. We may use this information to improve the Software; the information is our property. We do not collect information reflecting the substance or content of any text to which the Software is applied.

Your Privacy When You Use Our Website

In addition to visiting our Site or browsing its contents, you may also interact with our Site when you make a purchase of our Software, sign up for a free trial, request product support, interact with our ads, or otherwise contact us through our Site.

How do we use the information we collect from you?

Our primary goal in collecting information is to provide our customers with superior products and service. Here’s how we use that information.

1.   Customer Information:

We may use customer contact information to fill orders, contact purchasers to inform them of their order status, to trace false orders, to remind customers of events such as the expiration of a License Term, and to send service and marketing emails.

2.   Consumer and Site Visitor Information:

We may use information to notify consumers about updates to our Site, to complete user initiated transactions, to trace false orders and to contact consumers directly, or through our third-party service partners, for marketing purposes. We also may use your IP address to diagnose problems with our servers and software and to administer our Site.

3.   Analytical Information:

We may use Personally Identifiable Information and Non Personally Identifiable Information, combined or separately, to perform statistical analyses of aggregate or segmented customer, consumer, and Site visitor behavior. For example, this allows us to measure relative customer interest in the various areas of our Site for product development purposes and to improve the design of our Site.

We may use Non Personally Identifiable Information to analyze request and usage patterns, and other customer behavior so we may enhance our Site, our Software, services, and for our marketing purposes. We may also provide Non Personally Identifiable Information, including aggregated or segmented statistics about our customers, sales, traffic patterns, and related Site information, to third parties for analysis.

We reserve the right to use and disclose Non Personally Identifiable Information to any third-party in our discretion. For example, we may share aggregated or segmented statistics about pages viewed on our Site and sales and other shopping information with third parties.

Where do we collect information from you?

We collect information from you when you purchase from us and when you interact with our Site.

1.   When You Purchase Our Software

When you order from us, we may collect Personally Identifiable Information from you. If you order service, we may collect and maintain your name, email address, mailing address, telephone or mobile number, service selections, credit card number, referring URL, IP address and a password.

2.   When You Contact Us or Enter Your Email Address on Our Website

If you contact us by telephone, email, letter, or submit information through a form on our Site, we may keep a record of your contact information, correspondence, or comments. If you report a problem with the Software or our Site, we may collect such information in a file specific to you. If you provide us feedback through our Site, by email or by calling our customer service representatives, we may ask for your name and email address in order to send you a reply.

3.   When You Visit Our Website or Click on Our Ads

a.   Browsing:

We may collect IP addresses for system administration, to gather broad demographic information, and to monitor the level of activity on our Site. We may collect information from visitors to our Site regarding the referring URL, your IP address, which browser you used to come to any our Site, the country, state and telephone area code where your server is located, and the pages of our Site you viewed during your visit.

b.   Remarketing Services:

Our Site uses Google AdWords & Facebook Remarketing Service. Google and Facebook use cookies to serve ads on third party websites based on someone’s past visits to our Site. Any data collected is used under this Policy and Google and Facebook privacy policies.

You can opt-out of remarketing by visiting the links below:

Who is collecting your information?

Except as otherwise discussed in this Policy, we are the entity collecting your information. This Policy only addresses the use and disclosure of information we collect from you. We encourage you to ask questions and to be very cautious before you disclose your Personally Identifiable Information to others.

1.   Third-Party Payment Processor:

We may employ one or more third-party service partners to process your payments and send you your license key when you purchase through our Site. To fulfill your order, we may use Personally Identifiable Information, such as customer contact information and your credit card number to confirm payment.

2.   Third-Party Traffic Tracking Providers:

In addition, we may employ one or more third-party service partners that track the traffic on our Site and interaction with our ads. However, the information typically gathered by such third parties is Non Personally Identifiable Information.

With whom do we share your information?

Except for the data-sharing otherwise described in this Policy, we do not sell, trade, or rent your Personally Identifiable Information collected on our Site or through our Software to others. You expressly consent to sharing your Personally Identifiable Information with third-parties as described in this policy.

1.   Third-Party Service Providers:

We may share your Personally Identifiable Information with our third-party service providers for tracking, to charge your credit card, complete your order, improve the functionality of our Site, customize our marketing efforts with you and perform statistical and data analyses, and deliver promotional emails to you from us, or to provide us other services we request. These third parties may not use your Personally Identifiable Information other than to provide the services requested by us.

For example: We must release your credit card number to confirm payment. We may also share Site usage information we gather from visitors to our Site who have received a targeted promotional campaign with our third-party advertising service partner to target future campaigns and upgrade visitor information used in reporting statistics.

2.   Enforcement of Law and Other Disclosures:

We may disclose Personally Identifiable Information if we believe in good faith that such disclosure is necessary to comply with relevant laws or to respond to subpoenas or warrants served on us or to protect or defend the rights, property, or safety of our users, other and ourselves.

For example: we may release account information when we believe that such release is reasonably necessary to enforce or apply our Terms and Conditions or to protect or defend the rights, property and safety of our users, others and ourselves.

We may be required by law enforcement or judicial authorities to provide Personally Identifiable Information to the appropriate governmental authorities. We will disclose Personally Identifiable Information upon receipt of a court order or subpoena or to cooperate with a law enforcement investigation. We fully cooperate with law enforcement agencies in identifying those who use our services for illegal activities. We reserve the right to report to law enforcement agencies any activities that we in good faith believe to be unlawful.

3.   Merger and Acquisitions:

In the event of a merger, consolidation, or sale or transfer of all or substantially all of the assets or business of any one or more of the WordRake company or Site, the assets that would generally be transferred is the information we collect from our visitors and customers (including both financial records and consumer information). However, the use of this information by any successor entity would still be governed by the terms of this Policy, as amended occasionally, including any amendment after such transaction.

How may you update, correct, or delete your personally identifiable information?

During the online ordering process you can review, change, or delete the information you have submitted. You may ask us in writing via mail or email at to have the information on your account deleted, updated or corrected; however, because we keep track of past purchases, you cannot delete information associated with past purchases. We may also be required by law or otherwise to keep certain information and therefore will not delete it or will delete it only after we have fulfilled the applicable requirements. Note that we may retain changed or deleted information for archival or other purposes.

If we send you a communication requesting your consent or permission (a “consent”) in connection with this Policy or our Terms and Conditions (including a consent to modifications thereto), such consent is deemed to be given unless (a) you contact us to withhold such consent within the time stated in the communication (“opt out”) or (b) applicable law expressly prohibits an opt out regarding such request for consent.

What security precautions are in place to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of your information under our control?

We employ reasonable security measures to protect the security of the information you submit to us. Our servers protect this information using password protection and advanced encryption, and we may use firewall technology for additional protection.

To efficiently serve you, credit card transactions and order fulfillment may be handled by established third-party banking institutions, process agents and distribution institutions. They receive the information they need to verify and authorize your credit card transactions. When you access your account information, the information is kept on a secure server. All of the customer data we collect is protected against unauthorized access by physical security means.

Children and Privacy

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act took effect on April 21, 2000, and imposes certain requirements on websites directed toward children under 13 that collect information on those children, or on websites that know they are collecting Personally Identifiable Information from children under the age of 13. It currently is our policy not to collect Personally Identifiable Information from any person under 13 and we request that children under 13 not submit any personal information to us via the Site. As one measure to ensure that we do not gather Personally Identifiable Information from children, we require that all individuals provide a valid credit card number before completing a purchase order. If we learn that we have inadvertently gathered Personally Identifiable Information from children under 13, we shall erase such information from our records and terminate the applicable account.


If you have questions about this Policy, the practices of our Site, or your dealings with our Site, please contact us by emailing to

Policy Changes

This Policy was last changed on July 20, 2021. If we change any terms or conditions of the Policy, the changes will be posted on this Site. Please check this page before proceeding to use our Site.