WordRake 3.5 Release

We're on a continuous mission to refine WordRake. That's why we're thrilled to introduce WordRake 3.5.

Read more | Dec 05, 2018

WordRake Welcomes Lawyer and Legal Tech Entrepreneur Ivy B. Grey as the New Director of Business Strategy

WordRake Holdings, LLC announces that legal tech entrepreneur, popular blogger, and lawyer Ivy B. Grey is joining the WordRake team as Director of Business Strategy. In this role, Grey will use her multidisciplinary background to accelerate WordRake’s growth and further develop the software. Grey brings a unique combination of expertise, perspective, and experience as a lawyer at small and large firms, as an associate, and as a supervisor and mentor to associates.

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WordRake’s New Editing Software for Mac Edits Even Hemingway

Read more | Apr 09, 2018

WordRake Holdings Launches WordRake 3 Featuring: One-Click Raking, More Editing Power, Even Greater Accuracy

Today, WordRake Holdings, LLC launched WordRake 3, the newest edition of its widely used WordRake® professional editing and proofreading software.

Read more | Nov 01, 2016

LexisNexis® Pacific Adds WordRake’s Popular Professional Editing Software to the New Lexis® Draft Pro Suite

WordRake Holdings, LLC announces a partnership with LexisNexis® Legal & Professional to bring WordRake® professional editing software into the newly-released Lexis® Draft Pro legal drafting and review software suite. Lexis® Draft Pro is the first comprehensive legal-market solution to integrate advanced technology and legal content to streamline proofreading, reduce risk, and improve the quality of all legal documents.

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“Brings clarity and brevity to email and documents”

Read Law Technology News tech editor Sean Doherty’s WordRake review. He calls WordRake the first “program where I got a return on my investment the same day I used it.”

Read more | Jan 06, 2015

Why I Like WordRake

Learn about Luigi Benetton from TechnoZen’s experience learning WordRake when he used it to edit his old articles.

Read more | Oct 20, 2014

WordRake can really help you become more persuasive

Listen to LawBiz’s Ed Poll and WordRake founder Gary Kinder’s conversation about everyone’s three vocabularies and how those vocabularies affect email.

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Introducing WordRake for Outlook

Finally there is a solution for the unfortunately unedited email. WordRake Holdings, LLC announces today the launch of its new software application: WordRake® for Outlook.

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WordRake Holdings Launches WordRake 2, the Next Generation of Its Revolutionary Professional Editing Software

SEATTLE - Today, technology companyWordRake Holdings, LLCannounced official release of WordRake 2, the new version of its popular editing software for professionals. A major leap ahead in capability and compatibility, WordRake 2 will benefit the company’s large client base, which now includes thousands of law firms, corporations, government agencies, and universities.

Read more | May 13, 2014