'Most useful tool we have installed in years'

Bujold P.C. Lawyers – Tax Advisors is an Atlantic Canada law firm with an office in Moncton, New Brunswick.  For more than 36 years now, we’ve focused exclusively on helping taxpayers understand tax rules and avoid paying more than required.  Since we need tools that support our hands-on, focused approach to practising law, I often research the latest technology on the market.

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WordRake Saves Time and Sharpens Message at Iowa State University

By Roberta Johnson, Director, Office of Student Financial Aid, Iowa State University

As the Director of the Office of Financial Aid at Iowa State University, I write quite a bit, creating anything from short memos to annual reports. I had seen the WordRake software website, and even though I thought it was just for lawyers, I was interested in it enough to try it.

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Giving readers just the words they need

In Ari Kaplan’s Reinventing Professionals podcast, he and WordRake creator Gary Kinder talk about how to identify words that clutter writing, just like WordRake does.

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Elmore Leonard’s lessons for legal writers

Memorize the late Leonard’s ten rules for good writing. If you don’t trust yourself to remember them, try WordRake.

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A Huge Time-Saver for Attorneys

See why JurisPage’s Andy Cabasso describes WordRake as “nothing short of miraculous.”

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‘I’m Immensely Impressed with WordRake'

In her review, the Washington State Bar Association’s Julia Nardeli Gross contends that WordRake helps with web copy, blogging, and legal writing.

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WordRake helps stop the rambling

Electronic lawer” Alan Pearlman finds WordRake beneficial to individual lawyers in the ABA’s GP Solo eReport.

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Become more persuasive

Hear Law Biz’s Ed Poll and WordRake’s Gary Kinder discuss the impetus for and benefits of WordRake editing software.

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Get to Know Gary Kinder

WordRake's founder explains how he got the idea for the legal editing software.

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WordRake Establishes Alliances with Additional State Bar Associations: Arkansas, Colorado, and Oklahoma

SEATTLE – September 4, 2013 –Today, WordRake®creator of the first editing software for lawyers, announced strategic alliances with the State Bar Associations of Arkansas, Colorado, and Oklahoma. After careful consideration, each Association voted to list WordRake on its website as an affinity partner, and to offer WordRake to its members at a discounted rate. These states join the Washington State Bar Association, which established a strategic alliance with WordRake in March 2013.

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