WordRake 4.2: Edits for AI Wordiness, Gender-Neutral Pronouns, and Nominalizations

Oct 03, 2023

On Tuesday, October 3, 2023, WordRake Holdings, LLC, the creator of WordRake clear and concise editing software, released WordRake version 4.2. In the second update this year, the WordRake team introduces edits to handle growing developments in writing, including the use of AI and gender-neutral pronouns.

What’s New in WordRake 4.2

WordRake 4.2 features many new and improved edits in both Brevity and Simplicity mode. This newest version keeps up with the times: it will help you identify and simplify awkward, clunky phrases frequently created by generative AI. WordRake’s editing algorithms now recognize gender-neutral pronouns, so the software can offer more edit suggestions on sentences with the pronouns ze, xe, ve, ey, and te. Version 4.2 edits more nominalizations accurately and reconfigures passive constructions to make sentences active and engaging. The update includes new edits to remove redundancies and convert wordy clichés and complex language to plain English.

Here are ten examples of edits from WordRake version 4.2:

Edits Inspired by Wordy AI Writing

This technology has revolutionized various sectors, such as like healthcare and manufacturing.

The laboratory procedures were in conformance agreed with international standards.

In this day and age Now, basic computer literacy is taken for granted.

Edits Now Recognize Gender-Inclusive Pronouns

Xir responsibility included managing Xe managed several accounts.

The plaintiff had no knowledge of did not know about these issues at the time of zir acquisition of when ze acquired the Subject Property.

Edits to Remove Nominalizations, Redundancies, Passive Constructions, and Wordy Clichés

They have provided no explanation regarding not explained their decision to sell.

Supporters say it would be the solution to solve the crisis.

There has been no testimony to indicate that working conditions have changed.

We will be provided with receive performance data for the initiative soon.

The Parliament has the final say as to decides whether the agreement is approved.

How to Get WordRake 4.2

Current WordRake customers with version 3.85 or later may upgrade to version 4.2 by checking for updates from the Help menu within the app, and all WordRake users may download the update from these links:

2023 4_1 Update

WordRake for Word on Mac:

WordRake for Word on Windows:

WordRake for Outlook on Windows:

If you're interested in trying WordRake, you may download a 7-day free trial here—even if you've tried an earlier version of WordRake.

About WordRake

Launched in 2012, WordRake is editing software designed by writing expert and New York Times bestselling author Gary Kinder. The software was originally created so lawyers could focus on their legal analysis without using unnecessary verbiage but has since been expanded to work for all types of professional writing. While teaching over 1,000 writing programs for many of the country’s largest businesses and law firms, Kinder identified a set of signals that indicate wordiness and muddled writing. Those signals became the foundation for WordRake editing software. WordRake now offers editing suggestions to improve clarity, brevity, and simplicity, which helps writers comply with plain language requirements. WordRake runs in Microsoft Word and Outlook and uses complex, patented algorithms to find and improve weak lead-ins, confusing language, and high-level grammar and usage slips. A free 7-day trial is available at