Press Release: WordRake to Sponsor the Cheryl Stephens Innovation Award at PLAIN

Jun 22, 2023

WordRake Holdings, LLC, maker of WordRake professional editing software is sponsoring Plain Language Association International (PLAIN)’s Cheryl Stephens Innovation Award. Dedicated to simplicity and brevity in writing, WordRake is excited to partner with PLAIN to celebrate innovators in plain language.

WordRake Strengthens Its Plain Language Ties

“WordRake is delighted to join PLAIN in recognizing those who have contributed to the plain language movement around the world,” said WordRake’s Chief Strategy and Growth Officer Ivy B. Grey. “It’s key to serving the public effectively in law, medicine, education, finance, technology, and a host of other fields. We are pleased to celebrate those who have dedicated themselves to advancing these goals.”

With this partnership, WordRake deepens its connection to the plain language community. In October 2022, WordRake introduced Simplicity mode to help writers comply with plain language mandates and make their work more accessible to readers. WordRake Founder Gary Kinder had always believed in the importance of plain language and adding this functionality brought a long-term goal for the software to fruition.

WordRake and PLAIN: Partnering to Recognize Plain Language Innovators

Plain Language Association International (PLAIN) is a non-profit devoted to the promotion of plain language usage around the world. Co-founded by Cheryl Stephens in 1993, PLAIN’s membership includes professionals from more than 30 different countries, representing 15 languages.

PLAIN debuted the Cheryl Stephens Innovation Award in 2019 to recognize individuals and organizations in plain language. Honoring the Association’s founder, the award is given every second year for advancements in plain language in technology, advocacy, research, and professional development. Previous award winners include Professor Katherine McManus and Simon Fraser University for their development of a Plain Language Certificate program, and the Plain Language Academies for their creation of an online plain language education program.

The Cheryl Stephens Innovation Award is given at PLAIN’s biannual conference. This year, the conference takes place September 27-29 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Nominations for the award are requested by June 26, 2023.

Having collaborated with WordRake in the past as a guest expert on plain language, Cheryl recommended the partnership herself. “Language evolves and so must plain language,” she explained. “With this award, we honor those who have the wit and courage to try something new.”

PLAIN, in turn, is looking forward to highlighting a leading tech tool for plain language editing. “WordRake’s dedication to plain language is undeniable, and we are thrilled to have them as a partner,” shared PLAIN President Joanna Richardson. “Keeping ahead of advances in plain language technology has always been a prerogative of our co-founder Cheryl Stephens and this partnership will reinforce that heritage.”

Learn more about PLAIN on their website. 

Who is WordRake

WordRake is a software company based in Redmond, Washington, which creates editing add-ins for Microsoft Word and Outlook. Launched in 2012, WordRake offers over 35,000 editing suggestions to improve clarity, brevity, and simplicity. With the addition of Simplicity mode in 2022, WordRake is dedicated to clarity in written communication. In celebration of Plain Language Day on October 13, 2023, WordRake will once again share interviews featuring a diverse selection of plain language and writing professionals.

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