WordRake and Intellek Announce Strategic Partnership to Empower Legal Professionals with Enhanced Writing and Technology Skills

Aug 10, 2023

WordRake Holdings, LLC, the innovative creator of automated in-line editing software for legal professionals, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Intellek, a market leader in learning and development software. The partnership brings together industry leaders and promises to revolutionize training for and adoption of legal writing improvement solutions.

Intellek helps users understand how and why to use software and when to incorporate it into their work. Through this collaboration, Intellek will create tailored eLearning simulations and "learning in the flow of work" modules (live content) so legal professionals can learn to effectively use WordRake’s editing software within their Microsoft Word and Outlook workflows. The simulations will become available in Fall 2023. As this collaboration grows, WordRake and Intellek will add more content and functionality, drawing on Intellek’s unique real-time search capabilities, interactive live content, user prompting, and learning in the flow of work. Together, WordRake and Intellek will provide superior training and support for adoption, guiding users to seamlessly incorporate WordRake into drafting workflows.

In phase I, Intellek’s basic WordRake simulations will be available for all WordRake users for free. In phase II, WordRake Enterprise customers will have the option to add the complete set of eLearning courses (for Word and Outlook), which includes simulations, live content, knowledge checks, and quick reference guides, that may be added to any learning management system. In phase III, WordRake Enterprise customers will also have the option to use Intellek Deliver, a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP), with WordRake, making learning easily accessible and seamless. With this comprehensive training, legal professionals can elevate their writing, mastering clarity, brevity, and precision in every document and email.

“Combining WordRake’s unmatched editing capabilities with Intellek’s comprehensive training expertise will radically improve the legal writing and document creation experience,” said Claire Revell, CEO of Intellek. “This collaboration aligns perfectly with our mission to empower people through innovative learning solutions.”

WordRake’s Chief Strategy & Growth Officer, Ivy B. Grey, echoes this sentiment, adding, “Our partnership with Intellek reinforces the connection between substance, technology, and training for success. By providing our clients with unparalleled support and training, we are revolutionizing the way legal professionals write, enabling them to deliver clear, concise, persuasive content.”

“The essence of this collaboration is to help legal professionals excel in their writing by harnessing technology to its fullest extent,” continued Grey. “By combining Intellek’s state-of-the-art eLearning simulations and live content with WordRake’s sophisticated editing tools, we’re providing concrete support for technology competence and significantly improving legal practice.” This collaboration continues WordRake’s pioneering leadership in the legal technology world, further combining writing excellence with technology skills to deliver better client outcomes.

Scott Johns, CEO of WordRake, expressed his enthusiasm: “Teaming up with Intellek is an important opportunity to help our enterprise and academic clients see the big picture. By combining our efforts, we look forward to contributing to a culture of writing excellence and efficiency.”

In a related development, the National Society for Legal Technology (NSLT), a long-term Intellek partner, has recognized the exceptional potential of WordRake’s technology and plans to integrate WordRake courses into their esteemed Legal Technology Certification program. This shows NSLT’s dedication to giving aspiring lawyers comprehensive courses on advanced writing tools, thus ensuring they stay ahead in a technology-driven legal industry. Law schools and paralegal programs with NSLT will have access to the complete module of WordRake for Word and Outlook through their school-branded Intellek LMS instance for no additional charge. To offer year-long WordRake licenses school-wide, and embed it in legal writing and law technology curriculums, institutions must purchase a license to use WordRake. NSLT and WordRake both offer low-cost flat fee programs for law schools and paralegal programs.

For more information about Intellek and WordRake, please visit their respective websites at and For more information about NSLT and their Legal Technology Certification program, please visit their website at

About WordRake

WordRake is a software company based in Redmond, Washington that creates editing add-ins for Microsoft Word and Outlook. Launched in 2012, WordRake features over 35,000 editing algorithms for improving clarity, brevity, and simplicity. WordRake is trusted by professionals worldwide to elevate their writing skills and enhance their professional reputation. Law firms may try WordRake via a free, 30-day enterprise pilot; individual users can get a 7-day free trial at

About Intellek

Intellek is a leading learning technology software company dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations through innovative eLearning solutions. With its powerful Digital Adoption Platform (DAP), extensive training library, unique authoring tool, and customizable Learning Management System (LMS), Intellek supplies technology that fosters skill development, enhances productivity, and drives success across industries.

About NSLT

The National Society for Legal Technology is dedicated to advancing legal technology education and promoting technological literacy within the legal profession. NSLT provides law students with comprehensive training in legal technology, ensuring they have the skills to succeed in the evolving legal landscape.