Release of WordRake 4.3: New Edits for Complex, Wordy Sentence Structures and Inclusive, Professional Tone

Mar 06, 2024

On Wednesday, March 6, 2024 WordRake Holdings, LLC, the creator of WordRake clear and concise editing software, released WordRake version 4.3. In the first update of 2024, the team at WordRake tackled writing problems that plague human-written documents and AI-generated drafts alike—nominalizations, complex multi-verb clauses, and unnecessary gerunds. In addition to new edits on complex, wordy sentence structures, the new version of WordRake helps you maintain a professional tone in your writing.

What’s New in WordRake 4.3?

“We strive to tackle difficult sentences and reveal insights with our suggestions. Our back-end technical upgrades made some of these new suggestions possible,” said Danielle Cosimo, English Language Usage Analyst at WordRake. “It’s exciting to create new editing algorithms that produce impressive edits to help you tighten your sentences. I think users will notice the difference.”

Drawing on our English language usage analysts’ deep skillsets, WordRake 4.3 includes nuanced and thoughtful ways to improve sentence structure while reducing wordiness. The blend of linguistic expertise and technical complexity that makes these algorithmic editing suggestions possible is unmatched. In version 4.3, sophisticated new editing suggestions remove unnecessary gerunds, condense wordy descriptions into single adverbs, change complex nominalizations into verbs, convert embedded or relative clauses to independent clauses, and simplify unnecessary subjunctive constructions.

“When I first saw a protype for WordRake, I was blown away by how much WordRake’s suggestions felt like what you’d get from a live editor. I’m proud that we’ve continued to elevate writing improvement software and offer increasingly complex suggestions to our users,” said Scott Johns, CEO at WordRake. “The edits we offer now in version 4.3 were not possible with earlier iterations—and they are so well-considered that they exceed anything mere machine learning without subject matter expertise could provide.”

Beyond improvements to streamline sentences, WordRake 4.3 features expanded edits for inclusive language, such as more suggestions to convert insensitive business jargon to clearer, more conscientious phrasing. In response to a WordRake Enterprise customer request, version 4.3 now includes editing algorithms to tone down unprofessional, hyperbolic phrases to help legal writers protect their professional reputation.

Examples of New Edits Available

WordRake 4.3 features many new and improved edits in both Brevity and Simplicity mode. Here are some examples:

Edits to Remove Unnecessary Gerunds

Engaging in regular volunteering activities builds Regular volunteering activities build a sense of community.

Creating this This bridge would require construction activity in the southeast corner of the park.

Edits to Condense Wordy Verb Phrases Into Adverbs

She approached the research in a novel and surprising way different way differently.

The rapid pace of this change will affect society in ways that are difficult to predict unpredictable ways.

Edits for Professional Tone

Their approaches have often verged on the absurd have often been unreasonable, and we have had unfavorable outcomes with them as their client.

The suspect’s lawyer issued an outright a denial of their client’s involvement in the burglary.

Edits for Inclusive Language

The company agreed to open the kimono reveal the process for the potential investors.

Do you feel gypped cheated by this shift in our stated mission?

 Edits to Remove Complex Nominalizations

Some states have certain restrictions on restrict the use of these tires in oversize and overweight operations that require truck-trailer permits.

The university has made a further commitment also committed to increasing tutoring support at K-12 schools.

Edits to Reduce Wordiness

Doctors encourage all adults to do some form of exercise on a weekly basis weekly.

For the reasons articulated above, we We can’t institute changes in our intake process.

Edits to Convert Business Jargon to Plain Language

It’s got fewer moving parts It is less complicated than I expected.

When push comes to shove, Ultimately, we have to decide which supplier to use.

Edits for Plain Language

The plaintiff must submit evidence that casts sufficient enough doubt upon each of the legitimate reasons proffered by offered by the defendant that a factfinder could reasonably conclude that each reason was a fabrication a lie.

The change means that, henceforth, the that now, the national government decides who gets care and support under a system administered locally.

How to Get WordRake 4.3

Current WordRake customers with version 3.85 or later may upgrade to version 4.3 by checking for updates from the Help menu within the app, and all WordRake users may download the update from these links:

WordRake for Word on Mac:

WordRake for Word on Windows:

WordRake for Outlook on Windows:

If you’re interested in trying WordRake, you may download a 7-day free trial here—even if you’ve tried an earlier version of WordRake.

About WordRake

Launched in 2012, WordRake is editing software designed by writing expert and New York Times bestselling author Gary Kinder. The software was originally created so lawyers could focus on their legal analysis without using unnecessary verbiage. It has since been expanded to work for all types of professional writing. While teaching over 1,000 writing programs for many of the country’s largest businesses and law firms, Kinder identified a set of signals that show wordiness and muddled writing. Those signals became the foundation for WordRake editing software. WordRake now offers editing suggestions to improve clarity, brevity, and simplicity, which helps writers meet plain language requirements. WordRake runs in Microsoft Word and Outlook and uses complex, patented algorithms to find and improve weak lead-ins, confusing language, and high-level grammar and usage slips. A free 7-day trial is available at