Business Writing Series

“Creating this series with WordRake excites me because, by partnering with WordRake, business writers can better meet their goals. We use writing to both inform and connect, and WordRake helps with both goals by identifying words and phrases that clearly inform and that aid in trust-building and connection. By using the strategies in the series, and then layering on editing with WordRake, writers can create emails and other writing they feel proud of.”
Erin Lebacqz Author & Founder, High-Value Writing

WordRake is the first and only automated in-line editing software for professionals.

Business Writing Training Videos


Writing with Simplicity - Part 1

Writing with Simplicity - Part 2

Authority 1
Authority 2

Writing with Authority - Part 1

Writing with Authority - Part 2


Giving & Receiving Feedback - Part 1

Giving & Receiving Feedback - Part 2

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