Giving and Receiving Feedback Webinar

Part 1


Do you get feedback on your writing at work, or are you the one who gives the feedback? Either way, you’re part of a relationship between feedback giver and feedback receiver. By treating that relationship with care, you can develop your writing and feedback skills, and your workplace relationships.

In this two-part video series, Anne Janzer and Erin Lebacqz take on the feedback process.

Learning Objectives

In Feedback - Part One, Anne helps you ask for and provide feedback with care, thereby setting up the feedback process for success.

  • How can we best ask for feedback on our writing?
  • How can we best provide feedback on others’ writing?
  • How can we preserve (or even strengthen) relationships in the process?



Anne Janzer takes the lead in this webinar. Here's what Anne says about how WordRake helps writers achieve the goals discussed in this webinar:

"WordRake is like a power boost for revising, spotting the insidious ways we add clutter or confusion to our writing. Using WordRake will instantly improve writers’ brevity and clarity. Even for more nuanced writing topics like giving feedback or writing with authority, WordRake plays a critical supporting role."

For more practical advice on how to ask for the feedback you need, check out How to Get Useful Feedback.

Once you have the right information, let WordRake help you find the right words. WordRake is editing software for Microsoft Word and Outlook that will give your first drafts the polish of three or four revisions. You’ll get better results in less time and be more persuasive.

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Anne Janzer 2023 Circle


About Anne Janzer

Anne Janzer is a nonfiction book coach and the author of multiple award-winning books on writing, including The Writer’s Process and Writing to Be Understood. She is fascinated by the science and mystery of writing, and is always searching for clues to better communication. Find her books and blog posts at

Erin Lebacqz 2023 Circle


About Erin Lebacqz

Erin Lebacqz created the High-Value Writing program to help business writers develop more clarity and confidence in their writing. Her book, High-Value Writing: Real Strategies for Real-World Writing, is based on conversations with thousands of writers around the world, and provides down-to-earth strategies and examples. Erin has been teaching writing for 25 years, both in the United States and internationally.