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What if you knew that, when you finished writing, a friend or colleague would edit your work without judgment or error—someone who was always available and never tired?

WordRake is your new on-call editor.

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Trims extra words and clumsy lead-ins

It is important to Consider every step…
…was very unique.

Uncovers active verbs buried in wordy phrases

has the requirement that we requires that we…
is reflective of reflects...

Converts jargon to plain language and simplifies wording

Pursuant to Under legislation…
states as follows states...

Checks spelling and grammar like Microsoft Word

...the porpoise of this document...

Edit for Brevity

Brevity Mode Prioritizes Succinct Writing

With this mode selected, you’ll get suggestions to make writing concise and compelling.
It’s our classic editing mode available since 2012.

  • Removes needless words and reduces word count
  • Converts dull prose into clear and compelling content
  • Edits for legal writers including streamlined legalese, trimmed doublets, and protected terms of art

At any time of day or night, WordRake will edit your writing for brevity and simplicity and show you how to tighten your sentences.

WordRake won’t analyze your research, create your first draft, or check your citations, but it will help you write clear, concise prose that clients, partners, judges, and the public will love.

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Edit for Simplicity

Simplicity Mode Prioritizes Familiar Word Choices

It’s our new editing mode designed to help meet plain language guidelines.

  • Converts jargon, legalese, and bureaucratic language
  • Replaces difficult words with familiar, simple words
  • Suggests edits for government writers and anyone who must comply with plain language rules

Since 2010, plain language has been the law in the United States, but it’s an international movement.

WordRake works with all forms of English and can help you meet guidelines in one click.

Simplicity mode offers edits to help you meet over 85% of suggested simplifications for government writers.

Want to see more before and after examples? Check out the next page.
For a personalized experience, take a free trial.

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Get Meaningful Editing Advice

  • Unmatched depth and nuance. By looking for sentence constructions that lead to wordiness and confusion, WordRake offers edits for brevity and simplicity that are plentiful and precise.
  • Context-driven suggestions. Our patented flexible algorithms reflect the complexity of language and allow us to carve out thoughtful exceptions to editing suggestions. We embrace complexity so we can deliver simplicity in the user experience.
  • Focused advice. WordRake removes guesswork. Our finely tuned edits make it possible to offer a single, correct solution that will improve your writing—rather than a list of options that must be deciphered, and may be wrong or irrelevant.

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"WordRake is a dynamite editing tool that assists in reducing every motion, letter, or brief 10-20%, adding clarity and meaning to each document. We use it on everything we write, including emails. Best tool in the box."

-Kevin Marshall, Trial Lawyer

"WordRake is a great program that helps writers streamline their content. It is easier to use than similar editors."

-Abdur Harper, Supply Chain Management, U.S. Government

"I use WordRake on practically every document I draft. It makes my writing more precise. Besides giving me confidence in my written work, WordRake allows me to work faster, so it saves time and money."

-Joe Peiffer, Lawyer

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WordRake Works Where You Do

  • Brevity and Simplicity modes are available
    for Word and Outlook
  • Edit unlimited documents in Word on Mac
    or Windows
  • Edit unlimited emails in Outlook on Windows

The newspaper considered the legal ramifications, ultimately deciding to publish publishing rather than scrap scrapping the story.

WordRake improves flow by converting nouns to verbs

Despite the undeniable fact that Although the court would rule in Defendant’s favor, Plaintiff pursued its case.

WordRake removes throat clearing introductions

The claims that Consulting Co. now makes for recovery of to recover its settlement payments from the Smiths are identical to the contribution claims which Consulting Co. has, by operation of law, already released by law.

WordRake improves clarity by reducing wordiness

The clubs were consolidated combined into a larger organization.

WordRake replaces difficult words with familiar, simple words

It is essential that Candidates must provide digital copies of their resumes.

WordRake restructures confusing phrasing where the actor is hidden

The Smith Corporation, by and through its undersigned counsel, as and for its Complaint against Bank states...

WordRake trims legal doublets and triplets

Write with Confidence.