Meet Your New Collaborator

WordRake is designed to work with you. It’s a collaborator that helps writers recognize opportunities for improvement. The software’s editing suggestions will help you use your writing time efficiently—but it won’t replace your judgment.

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We Respect Your Judgment

  • WordRake is finely tuned and accurate, but we rely on you to decide whether a change is right for your work.
  • To implement a suggested edit, you must accept it. WordRake makes no immediate or invisible changes without your involvement.
  • We are so committed to supporting your choices that we do not offer an “accept all” button—you must decide every time.

A Writing Coach in Your Computer

WordRake is editing software designed by writing expert and New York Times bestselling author Gary Kinder.

The in-line editing style brings unmatched speed, clarity, and control. With one click, WordRake shows all suggested edits.

  • Fits Your Writing Workflow. Use WordRake any time and in any order. We recommend raking right after spellcheck and before proofing.
  • Offers Applicable Advice for Your Writing. Get context-specific feedback based on what you’ve written, not irrelevant advice from a predetermined checklist.
  • Delivers Actionable Advice for Editing. For every editing opportunity, WordRake offers a specific solution to accept or reject.
  • Works with Your Writing Style. WordRake works with US, UK, AU, NZ, SAE, and Canadian English and retains regional spelling.

Harvard Law School identified WordRake editing software as “disruptive innovation”

WordRake Works Where You Do

  • Get in-line editing in Word and Outlook
  • Edit unlimited documents in Word on Mac
    or Windows
  • Edit unlimited emails in Outlook on Windows

“WordRake is more than editing software, it’s peace of mind before I send my writing out the door. Even when I don’t accept the suggested edits, WordRake opens my eyes to new ways of phrasing
my language.”

—Jeana Campbell, Novelist

Write with Confidence.