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Save hours of editing and rounds of revision

WordRake goes beyond grammar and spelling, to the heart of good writing: clear, effective communication. As fast and easy as spell-check, WordRake ripples through your document, making corrections just like a live editor would. Tightening up sloppy phrases. Eliminating clutter. Giving your first draft the polish of a third or fourth draft.

Most professional writing is collaborative. Get to the point the first time, and you save yourself – and your colleagues – hours of back-and-forth revisions. Jump-start the editing process with WordRake for Word.

Make your writing clear and concise

Speed: WordRake can edit 25 pages and suggest 250+ improvements in under a minute.

Impact: WordRake users typically accept 7-12 edits per page.

Convenience: No need to learn new software; no copy+pasting. WordRake operates within Word, right from the menu bar.


WordRake for Microsoft Word
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Simple, clear, and powerful

To start, select your text
To start, select your text.
Then click "rake." Watch WordRake ripple through your document, striking or replacing excess verbiage.
Accept the changes you like
Accept the changes you like, reject the ones you don’t.

The only in-line editor designed for professional business writing.

Beyond Grammar

Beyond Grammar

Streamlines sentences to clarify meaning.

Instant Results

Instant Results

As quick and as easy as a spell checker.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Edits instantly right within Word.

Save Time and Money

Save Time and Money

Cuts editing time and improves outcomes.

Roberta Johnson
Roberta Johnson
Director of Financial Aid
Iowa State University
“An unexpected benefit is just how much time it saves me.”
George Leloudis
George Leloudis
Executive Director at
Woods, Rogers PLC, Roanoke, VA
“The software is perfect for anyone who wants their writing to be less verbose and more persuasive.”
Carol Gerber
Carol Gerber
President Gerber
Amalgamated, New York, NY
“…Easy to use and helpful for spotting opportunities to simplify my writing.”