How to Write the
Perfect Memorandum

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Memoranda written by associates are the lifeblood of a law firm. Partners rely on them to advise clients and strategize. But writing a clear, well-researched memorandum is difficult. What if you could secretly ask for help and get good advice with no one else at the firm knowing?

In this eBook, the WordRake legal team will guide you through the entire process for writing an impressive memorandum, from accepting the assignment to receiving feedback—and answer the questions you might hesitate to ask at the firm.

In How to Write the Perfect Memorandum we will also show you how to:

  • Draft a proper “issue” statement
  • Organize your memorandum
  • Distinguish between a fact and a relevant fact
  • Introduce a client cover letter
  • Streamline your memorandum

Use tips from How to Write the Perfect Memorandum along with WordRake editing software to make your memorandum clear, concise, and compelling.

Every writing assignment is an opportunity to prove your value to the firm. If you download How to Write the Perfect Memorandum now, it will help you produce better work and position you for some of your firm’s most interesting writing assignments.

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