8 Secrets to
Writing Clearly & Concisely

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Clear and concise writing is the key to effective communication. To help you become an effective communicator, we’re sharing the “8 Secrets” for spotting useless words.

Download WordRake’s 8 Secrets to Writing Clearly & Concisely, and we’ll show you how to spot wordiness you never knew existed. You’ll learn how to recognize unnecessary phrases like “in order to” and “the terms of” by knowing that the words “in” and “of” often signal useless phrases. And we’ll give you six other signs, so you can find even more needless words and phrases in your writing.

In 8 Secrets to Writing Clearly & Concisely, we: 

  • Teach you to recognize signs and signal words to improve your writing
  • Provide tips on how you can spot other needless words
  • Show you example sentences with revisions

Combine the tips from 8 Secrets to Writing Clearly & Concisely with the WordRake editing software to write clear and concise prose. WordRake is an add-in for Microsoft Word and Outlook that edits in-line to tighten and tone writing.

The “8 Secrets” were developed by WordRake founder Gary Kinder, who has taught these secrets in over 1,000 writing programs for AMLAW 50 law firms, government agencies, and corporations. We’re excited to reveal these “8 Secrets” for better writing.

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