'Most useful tool we have installed in years'

Tax attorney finds WordRake offers quick results that improve his firm's writing.

Apr 08, 2014

Bujold P.C. Lawyers – Tax Advisors is an Atlantic Canada law firm with an office in Moncton, New Brunswick.  For more than 36 years now, we’ve focused exclusively on helping taxpayers understand tax rules and avoid paying more than required.  Since we need tools that support our hands-on, focused approach to practising law, I often research the latest technology on the market.

After seeing a recommendation for WordRake on the TechnoLawyer Blog, I immediately went to and downloaded a free trial.  I thought that if software could help us write concisely and edit more quickly, that could only benefit our clients and us. 

After using the free trial, I realized we would definitely benefit from owning WordRake.  The software scanned or “raked” through our Word documents and made intelligent editing suggestions that made our writing clearer.  Soon, I raked everything - even my email messages.  The results come quickly and WordRake makes any content simpler for the reader to understand.   

We purchased two licenses for our office computers at WordRake’s affordable subscription price, and the install went smoothly.  

WordRake has become a constant companion, even when I’m out of the office.  I recently had a tax document to prepare while I was on vacation.  I worked on the draft from my location and sent my associate the document to rake on her computer once it was ready.  Thanks to WordRake, I was able to make final edits quickly and return to my vacation with peace of mind. My writing process does not feel complete unless I rake my final draft.

WordRake is by far the most useful document editing tool I have come across in years. It saves us time, it keeps things simple and it ensures we continue delivering the quality our clients have come to expect. I would highly recommend it to professionals in the legal industry and other fields as well.

By Gilles E. Bujold, B.A.A., LL.B., TEP of Bujold P.C. Lawyers – Tax Advisors