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“We [were] excited to be the first law school in the country to collaborate with WordRake and incorporate it in the required LPS course. WordRake can help students edit their writing so they can focus on making their substantive legal analysis clearer and stronger.”
Prof. Kathleen Elliott Vinson Dir. of Legal Writing, Research & Written Advocacy, Suffolk Law School

WordRake is the first and only automated in-line editing software for professionals.

Develop practice-ready lawyers who are skilled in legal communication

WordRake helps law students become better writers by exposing weak, clunky, or cluttered writing and offering concrete solutions to improve their work. With our software, students can develop a strong foundation for legal writing and focus more attention on substantive legal analysis.

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Would the students at your law school benefit from using WordRake? Collaborating with WordRake helps to elevate the importance of legal editing so it is embraced as a critical part of the legal writing process. Edit by edit, students must evaluate WordRake’s editing suggestions and decide which make sense contextually. This process reinforces classroom instruction and helps students avoid the habit of writing in legalese. To learn more about volume discounts, license distribution, or to schedule a 30-day evaluation, contact us.

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Is Our Academic Program Right for You?

Our academic program is ideal for schools planning to purchase more than 50 licenses. WordRake will provide unlimited one-year licenses of WordRake for Microsoft Word for all law students, faculty, and staff for a $5,000 flat fee. We will also provide licenses for journal-owned computers, computer labs, libraries, clinics, etc. Use our pricing calculator to see your savings under this offer.

Considering a Smaller Program?

We are committed to providing the highest quality editing software, great service, and transparent pricing regardless of your order size. If your school needs fewer than 50 licenses, our standard educational discount for 15% off, plus our volume pricing, will be a better fit for you. Purchase WordRake now or contact us to help you determine your needs.

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Let’s Collaborate

We look forward to collaborating with you to find ways to incorporate WordRake into your programming. Possibilities might include: incorporating WordRake into 1L writing classes as part of self-editing assignments and feedback discussions; training through the library; or editing retreats. Contact us to start co-creating your program now!

Spread the Word

As part of this program, WordRake will issue a press release to announce the collaboration, and we hope participating schools will do the same. Assuming you’re happy with the results, we hope to publish a case study for each participating school.

License Distribution

Our goal is for everyone to use WordRake and to feel its benefits. We’ll work with you to find the right method to distribute WordRake licenses, but we believe adoption and benefits will be higher if we can directly distribute licenses to faculty and students. We will keep all email addresses confidential and not use them for marketing purposes. Other license distribution options include a self-serve sign up page, or working with your IT department for distribution.

The Suffolk Model

In 2019, we worked with Suffolk to develop our program model. Check out these examples.

Contact Us to Bring WordRake to Your Academic Institution

About WordRake

WordRake is editing software designed for legal writers. It finds cumbersome wording, weak lead-ins, useless jargon, and more. Then, it suggests edits in the familiar track-change style.

WordRake founder Gary Kinder has taught over 1,000 writing programs for AMLAW 100 firms, Fortune 500 companies, universities, and government agencies. He’s also a New York Times bestselling author. Get his expert editing advice instantly. WordRake applies hundreds of algorithmic rules to give context-specific feedback and offer solutions—with a single click.

As an add-in, WordRake meets user-accessibility requirements by using the functionality already present in Microsoft Office.





Here’s what Legal Writing Professors and Students have to Say about WordRake

Dean Andrew Perlman

Dean Andrew Perlman

Dean, Suffolk Law

WordRake is a great fit for the Law School. We’re always looking to find innovative tools that help our students learn and grow and enable them to do their work more efficiently and effectively.


Dyane OLeary

Prof. Dyane O’Leary

Associate Professor of Legal Writing and Co-Director of Suffolk’s LIT Concentration

I use WordRake on my own writing, and it’s easy to see how students would benefit from it, too. As someone who learned from WordRake founder Gary Kinder early in my law firm career, I’m excited to bring his editing expertise into the classroom and to make this collaboration a reality.

Jen Duncan

Jen Duncan

Law Student, Emory University

I use WordRake as a law student. It has helped me develop an effective, concise writing style recognized by both my peers and professors. This style change also has proven beneficial in my job where I compose technical policies and procedures. Over the past year WordRake has enhanced my writing skills 110%.


Jordan Thomas

Law Student, OU Law

I needed someone to help me EDIT! This is the perfect program.

Randy Lewis - square

Randy Lewis

Professor and Consultant

I am super happy to have WordRake at my fingertips. My students and my consulting clients are grumbling, but I am very happy. I love this product and have waited years for the Mac version.

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