With Version 3.95, WordRake Releases Second Update in Two Months

Nov 10, 2020

WordRake Holdings, LLC released WordRake 3.95, the newest edition of its widely used WordRake® professional in-line editing software. This is the company’s second update to its editing algorithms in two months. WordRake 3.95 offers greater accuracy and two new features on its ribbon.

Updates for All Users

All WordRake for Word and/or Outlook users will find upgrades and refinements to existing algorithms. And with a new shortcut on the WordRake ribbon, all users will have an easier way to provide feedback on editing suggestions. This new button builds on the ability to report bad edits launched in August 2020.

Here’s an example of some of the corrections we’ve made to WordRake’s editing suggestions in 3.95:

Before version 3.95 With version 3.95
…the Avenue Library only houses a collection of key Humanities resources houses a collection key Humanities resources only. …the Avenue Library only houses a collection of key Humanities resources houses only a collection of key Humanities resources.
Not only are the identities of the persons are the identities the persons only who tied the nooses unknown… Not only are the identities of the persons who tied the nooses unknown…
…and is simply the sum of each column. …and is simply the sum of each column.
Prior to Before Plaintiff suffering the toxic injuries as alleged… Prior to Plaintiff suffering Before Plaintiff suffered the toxic injuries as alleged…


Updates for WordRake for Word Users

In addition to the upgrades to WordRake’s editing algorithms and the bad edit reporting button, WordRake for Word users will also find a new tutorial. Users can launch the tutorial directly from the WordRake ribbon. The new tutorial will help new users get started faster. Experienced users will benefit from quick access to 15 tips for getting more from WordRake for Word.

Here’s how the new WordRake ribbon will look in 3.95:

new word ribbon12

How to Get WordRake 3.95

Existing WordRake users who upgraded to version 3.85 (or later) may upgrade to version 3.95 by checking for updates from the Help menu within the app. All WordRake users (including those on version 3.85 or later) may download the update from these links:

Anyone interested in trying WordRake may download a 7-day free trial here. Even if you have tried an earlier version of WordRake, you may try version 3.95. Everyone who signs up for a free trial or purchases after November 10, 2020 will receive the latest version.

About WordRake

Launched in 2012, WordRake is editing software designed by writing expert and New York Times bestselling author Gary Kinder. The software was originally created so lawyers could focus on their legal analysis without using unnecessary verbiage, but has since been expanded to work for all types of professional writing. While teaching over 1,000 writing programs for many of the country’s largest businesses and law firms, Gary identified a set of signals that indicate wordiness and muddled writing. Those signals became the foundation for WordRake editing software. WordRake runs in Microsoft Word and Outlook, and uses complex, patented algorithms to find and improve weak lead-ins, confusing language, and high-level grammar and usage slips. A free 7-day trial is available at