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“We’ve been using WordRake across several departments and practice groups at Perkins Coie for four years. We used WordRake to upgrade all existing templates and we’ve made it part of our standard drafting process so we can consistently create better documents going forward. We love WordRake!”
Janelle Eveland Belling Director of Legal Project Management, Perkins Coie LLP

WordRake is the first and only automated in-line editing software for professionals.

Make great writing a defining value of
your corporate culture.

WordRake helps professionals efficiently improve their writing, reduces rounds of editing, and provides instant objective feedback.

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Would the professionals in your organization benefit from using WordRake? WordRake helps professionals efficiently improve their writing, reduces rounds of editing, and provides instant objective feedback.

WordRake is ideal for organizations of any size. It is the only in-line editing software that natively runs on Mac and Windows platforms, and never communicates with the cloud. WordRake is the preferred editing software for companies that handle confidential information.

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Is Enterprise Right for You?

WordRake Enterprise is a complimentary customization provided for all purchases of at least $3,500, featuring automated license activation, per-user licensing, and compatibility with virtualized desktop environments.

WordRake Enterprise is engineered for maximum-security environments, eliminates the overhead associated with manually entering license keys, and unifies your users under a single expiration date. Even an order as small as 10-15 users can qualify. Use our pricing calculator to see whether your organization qualifies for our enterprise option.

Buying for a Smaller Organization?

The standard version of WordRake is quick and simple to install, licensed per computer, and includes all the same editing features as the enterprise version. We are committed to providing the highest quality editing software, great service, and transparent pricing regardless of your order size. Purchase WordRake now or contact us to help you determine your needs.


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Transparent Pricing for Everyone

We use tiered volume pricing, so the more you buy, the more you save. A full price license per user ranges from $149 to $229 for one year, but an organization could license 70 users for three years for under $8,000 per year.

Our No-Obligation Pilot

Our enterprise pilot programs last 2 weeks. Schedule one at a time that works for you. There’s no obligation to purchase; we just want you to see how WordRake works.

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Our engineering team will partner with your technical staff to establish your organization's installation requirements, ensuring a quick, effortless deployment.

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About WordRake

WordRake is editing software designed for sophisticated writers. It finds cumbersome wording, weak lead-ins, useless jargon, and more. Then, it suggests edits in the familiar track-change style.

WordRake founder Gary Kinder has taught over 1,000 writing programs for AMLAW 100 firms, Fortune 500 companies, universities, and government agencies. He’s also a New York Times bestselling author. Get his expert editing advice instantly. WordRake applies hundreds of algorithmic rules to give context-specific feedback and offer solutions—with a single click.





See How Professionals Like You Use WordRake

Eric Vos

Eric Vos

Chief Defender, Federal Public Defender, District of Puerto Rico

After our trial, our 25 attorneys unanimously approved WordRake. My cost/benefit analysis was a no-brainer. With the 3-5 hours saved per month by each attorney, the return is at least ten-fold.

Nancy Locke

Nancy Locke

Past Director of Purchasing and Contracting Services, City of Seattle

I searched for a comparable editing program, but I couldn’t find anything like it. WordRake should become a staple in any government agency.

Philip Nelson-1

Philip Nelson

Lawyer, Knobbe Martens

I love WordRake. It is by far the most sophisticated style editor out there, especially for legal briefs and other documents that are already good, but need tightening. A major improvement over MS editing functions, and no competitor even comes close.

Dr. Michael Opsahl, Doctor, Poma Fertility

Dr. Michael Opsahl

Doctor, Poma Fertility

I am a physician and I create teaching/education material for my patients. I like the words to be clear and concise, which is something WordRake helps me accomplish. It has helped me clean up my writing and I learn from its use so that I have fewer corrections. It allows me to decide what edits are good and which ones I do not agree with. I consider this to be one of my most valuable add-ons.

Irene Mo Headshot-1

Irene Mo

Associate, Privacy and Data Security, Aleada Consulting

As a privacy and data security attorney, I trust WordRake with my documents. WordRake is the perfect tool to remove legalese and cumbersome language. With its help, the privacy notices I’ve drafted are some of the most readable online. I’m comfortable using WordRake because the content of my documents never leaves my computer. The WordRake add-on sits locally on each user’s own machine so there is no need to send my documents to a cloud server to use it.

Write with Confidence.

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