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Welcome to WordRake!

WordRake is automated editing software designed by legal writing expert Gary Kinder. Now you can get expert editing advice instantly. With one click, WordRake ripples through your document checking for needless words, cumbersome phrases, and legalese. Then WordRake gives context-specific feedback and offers improvements in the familiar track-changes style. You decide which edits to accept or reject. WordRake runs in Microsoft Word and is compatible with all of Word’s features and functions. A one-year license of WordRake for Word is available for all Suffolk law students, faculty, and staff.

Using WordRake at Suffolk Law

As a Suffolk Law 1L student, you have the option to use WordRake as you edit your legal writing in the LPS course.  The goal is to reinforce our LPS course themes of clarity and brevity when communicating legal analysis.  Keep in mind that WordRake’s suggestions are just that:  suggestions.  It is up to you to carefully consider suggested changes or deletions and decide whether to accept them based on your own editing skills and guidance you may have received from your LPS professor.  As powerful a tool as WordRake is, remember that it’s just one layer to a thorough editing process — not a replacement for your own review of other critical self-editing concepts such as LPS formatting rules, use of authority, paragraph structure, citation, and CREAC organization. If you have any questions about using WordRake in the LPS course at Suffolk, please contact Professor Dyane O’Leary at dloleary2@suffolk.edu

As an upper-class Suffolk law student, you also have the option to use WordRake as you edit your assignments, competition briefs, law review articles, and other coursework. The goal is to provide you with the guidance to help with clarity and brevity when communicating legal analysis. Think of WordRake as a collaborator: the software suggests changes, but you must decide whether to accept them based on your own judgment and faculty or editorial guidance.

Happy raking!

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