WordRake’s New Editing Software for Mac Edits Even Hemingway

Announcing WordRake for Mac, the newest arrival in WordRake’s stable of professional editing and proofreading software.

Apr 09, 2018


WordRake Holdings, LLC announces WordRake for Mac, the newest arrival in WordRake’s stable of professional editing and proofreading software. WordRake for Mac finds edits even Ernest Hemingway and his editors missed. Click the image on the right to see WordRake edit a page from "Death in the Afternoon."

WordRake creator Gary Kinder says, “The premise behind WordRake is that every word not conveying meaning detracts from every word trying to convey meaning. Hemingway said it like this, ‘Prose is architecture, not interior decoration.’ Had WordRake editing software existed 70 years ago, Hemingway would have used it, because WordRake hunts down those needless words and turns dull nouns into lively verbs. And now, everyone who writes on a Mac can use WordRake, the most powerful editing tool on the market.”

Already the #1 editing software in the legal profession, WordRake is fast becoming the standard for all professionals in government, business, and education for two reasons: it analyzes text like a human editor—only much faster—and it never communicates with the cloud, so it’s absolutely secure.

Lawyers find WordRake particularly helpful in trying to meet shrinking word limits imposed by state and federal courts. And WordRake’s unique focus on clarity and brevity makes it an excellent proofreading tool for government agencies and private organizations with a Plain English mandate, like the Plain Writing Act of 2010.

After a month-long WordRake for Mac Beta Program, 89.2% of the participants said they had “better results” using WordRake; 86.1% said that using WordRake helped them feel “more confident”; and most important, 96.2% said they would recommend or highly recommend WordRake for Mac to colleagues and friends.

One of the participants, Randy Lewis, teaches in the Reiman School of Finance at the University of Denver. After the Beta Program, Lewis wrote: “I am super happy to have WordRake at my fingertips. My students and my consulting clients are grumbling about my editing them with WordRake, but I am very happy. I love this product and have waited years for the Mac version.”

Another participant, Jim Monast, practices law in Columbus, Ohio, and is a long-time Mac user: “Many of us who practice law using Macs have clamored for WordRake ever since it came out for PCs. When I took the new Mac version for a test drive, I revisited articles and posts I’d written long ago, and WordRake breathed new life into them. Even if I didn't implement 100% of the suggestions, WordRake made me think more about clarity and precision.”

WordRake CEO Jim Figel explains why WordRake appeals to so many people who have to write: “The WordRake creator and founder is a lawyer and a writer. He’s written a New York Times bestseller and taught over 1,000 writing programs to law firms, corporations, agencies, and writers conferences. He created WordRake because he knows we can get too close to our writing, or too tired, or we’re not sure what to look for. That’s why thousands of Mac users for the past five years have contacted WordRake Support with one question, ‘When will WordRake be ready for Mac?’ I’m happy to say, ‘Today’s the day!’”

Click here to sign up for a free 7-day trial of WordRake for Mac, or PCs with Microsoft Word and Outlook. Or visit for more on pricing and enterprise installation.

About WordRake Holdings, LLC

Based in Seattle, WordRake Holdings, LLC was founded in 2011 by Gary Kinder, Jim Figel, and a cadre of former Microsoft engineers. Harvard Law School has labeled WordRake Editing Software “Disruptive Innovation,” and the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office has awarded WordRake nine patents for its unique technology. For more information, email, call Jim Figel at 206-650-5864, or visit