WordRake Holdings Launches WordRake 3 Featuring: One-Click Raking, More Editing Power, Even Greater Accuracy

Nov 01, 2016

Today, WordRake Holdings, LLC launched WordRake 3, the newest edition of its widely used WordRake® professional editing and proofreading software.

Featuring more than 600 new editing algorithms and 900 enhancements to existing algorithms, WordRake 3 offers 25% more edits and even greater accuracy. It also features an optimized interface that allows users to see all editing suggestions for an entire document or email—in just one click.

Already used in thousands of law firms, businesses, academic institutions, and government agencies, WordRake is not a spellchecker or a grammar checker, but a writing checker. When a writer clicks the “Rake” button, WordRake reviews the text like a human editor, automatically highlighting dull and unnecessary words. “No software can match a talented editor,” says WordRake creator and founder Gary Kinder, “but no editor can keep in her head all that we can teach WordRake.”

WordRake 3 converts hundreds of dull nominalizations to lively verbs (“make a recommendation" becomes “recommend”), turns negative statements into positive statements (“the auditor didn’t find any discrepancies” becomes “the auditor found no discrepancies”), and removes windy “windups” (“It should be stated that” and “Please note that”). And much, much more.

Legal professionals will find WordRake particularly helpful as local, state, and federal courts continue tightening word limits on briefs, like the recent reduction in federal appellate courts. WordRake’s unique focus on clarity and brevity also makes it an excellent proofreading tool for government and private organizations with plain-language requirements, like the federal Plain Writing Act of 2010.

Kinder has written bestselling books and taught over 1,000 writing programs to the country’s biggest law firms, corporations, and government agencies. He brings that experience to WordRake. “At the root of everything I’ve taught and everything we’ve put into WordRake for the past five years is one simple concept: Every word not conveying meaning detracts from every word trying to convey meaning. And when we’re too close to what we’ve written, too tired, or don’t know what to look for, we need a second set of eyes to help us see those meaningless words. That’s where WordRake shines—helping us remove the clutter.”

Roberta Johnson, Director of the Office of Student Financial Aid at Iowa State University, says:

“Since March, three members of the National Direct Student Loan Coalition have testified before various Congressional committees. WordRake has been the common thread and silent partner in ensuring that each message is direct and succinct.”

WordRake CEO Jim Figel adds, “With email especially, we write more than ever, and our professional reputation is on the line every time we hit ‘Send’; so writing clearly and concisely is more important than ever, and WordRake is the only software in the world that edits for clarity and brevity.”

WordRake users agree that the software can help them do just that. Eric Vos, Chief Defender, Federal Public Defender, District of Puerto Rico, remarks:

“After our trial, our 25 attorneys unanimously approved WordRake. Our appellate people and better writers were the most adamant about the benefits. My cost/benefit analysis was a no-brainer. With the 3-5 hours saved per month by each attorney, the return is at least tenfold.”

And Randi Mayes, Executive Director of the 20,000-member International Legal Technology Association (ILTA), calls WordRake:

“My favorite software of all time.”

With WordRake 3, the company continues to innovate and bring new, cost- and time-saving editing software to the world.

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