Say It Clearly 
Personal Branding for Young Professionals 

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To succeed in the legal profession, young lawyers must proactively craft a positive personal brand and professional reputation. In this practical and engaging 55-minute program, Ivy and Nicole will show you how to strategically develop your brand. They show you how to:

  • uncover your personal brand and develop your brand story
  • connect your personal brand to your work
  • focus your image and streamline your message
  • use your assignments to reinforce your brand message
  • find opportunities to practice your branding skills daily

Strong writing skills are key part of a stellar professional reputation, but those skills fade if you don’t use them regularly. From social media posts to client emails and memos, Ivy and Nicole will help you identify opportunities to practice your skills. Watch this program now.

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This program was originally recorded on October 8, 2020. Nicole and Ivy presented “Say It Clearly: Communication Strategies to Help Grow Your Personal Brand and Professional Career as a Young Lawyer” at the 2020 Virtual Fall Conference for the ABA Young Lawyers Division. Copyright © 2020.