The Power of Newsjacking

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Nothing catches people’s attention like breaking news. Whether it’s the latest celebrity divorce or a well-known software company announcing its latest release, there is always something happening in the news that piques people’s interests. This level of attention and interest is precisely what lawyers and business owners can use to grow their businesses. That is what newsjacking is all about.

In The Power of Newsjacking: How to Get Noticed, Build Relationships, and Grow Your Business, author Jon “Mitch” Jackson shares insight and real-life examples teaching lawyers how to combine their knowledge and expertise with breaking news to create valuable and helpful content for clients. This chapter covers:

  • What newsjacking entails
  • How to properly and thoughtfully newsjack a current events story 
  • What tools and methods are available to use
  • Where to find stories to build a content library


When you’re done reading this chapter, pick up the complete book, The Ultimate Guide to Social Media For Business Owners, Professionals and Entrepreneurs, on Amazon here.