How to Write the
Perfect Memorandum

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Understanding how to write a research memo is key to a law practice, training, and a law school education. But most law students and many new associates find writing a clear, well-researched memorandum a challenge; often they’re intimidated and hesitant to ask the questions that would help them understand what a partner or professor expects from them.

A new associate’s misunderstanding of how to write a memorandum—beginning with how to receive the assignment—can result in low quality work that partners can’t use. In law schools, students who struggle to write an acceptable memorandum often do poorly as summer associates, leaving them unlikely to receive an offer.

You can help your students or new associates produce better work for you by giving them a helpful resource: How to Write the Perfect Memorandum. In this eBook, the WordRake legal team guides new associates and law students through the entire process, from accepting the assignment to receiving feedback—and answers questions they might hesitate to ask.

In How to Write the Perfect Memorandum we demonstrate how to:

  • Draft a proper “issue” statement
  • Organize a memorandum
  • Distinguish between a fact and a relevant fact
  • Introduce a client cover letter
  • Streamline your memorandum

Share How to Write the Perfect Memorandum with a new or soon-to-be lawyer. And to help them rapidly improve their writing, introduce them to WordRake editing software. It will help them make any document clear, concise, and compelling.

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