Good Authority:
How to Become the Leader
Your Team Is Waiting For

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Why do promising professionals fail? This question feels like an unsolvable mystery—but that’s about to change.

In Good Authority, author and former lawyer Jonathan Raymond combines insights from his work as an executive, entrepreneur, team leader, and leadership trainer to give you a framework for developing employees to greatness.

In the three excerpts available to download here, Jonathan lays the groundwork for your leadership journey. Download:

      • Preface: Jon Versus the Volcano – Experience Jonathan’s moment of enlightenment that led him out of BigLaw and into the search for the secret to professional development.
      • Introduction: Good Authority – Learn about the concept of good authority and how leaders can use it to grow and guide employees.
      • Chapter One: Why Should I Care? – Start the leadership journey. Learn how aligning employee professional development with personal growth leads to business growth.

Don’t dismiss this as merely another book about company culture—it’s a playbook for creating the leadership, commitment, and growth you’ve yearned for in your business. Download these chapters to get Jonathan’s invaluable advice and more.

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Chapters reprinted with permission from Jonathan Raymond and Refound LLC. Originally published in Good Authority: How to Become the Leader Your Team Is Waiting For by Jonathan Raymond. Copyright © 2017. Published by IdeaPress Publishing, Washington DC. Complete book available on Amazon.