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Click the Help button for product support and information about WordRake.

User’s Guide

Opens the online version of the WordRake User's Guide. If you are not online, this button instead opens a version of the User’s Guide saved on your computer when WordRake was installed.

Check for Updates

Checks if you have the latest version of WordRake, and gives you the option to install if a more recent version is available. (All updates are complimentary for the duration of your license.)


To launch a tutorial with a sample document, click How to Use WordRake on the ribbon. You may also view a button-by-button walkthrough at and access super user tips at

Go to

Takes you to the WordRake website.

Product Support

Takes you to the online Product Support Request form.

Account Problem

If we’ve had a problem processing your payment, an Account Problem icon will appear at the far left of your ribbon. You will need to go to FastSpring, our payment processor, to complete your purchase or renew your license. If you have questions, please contact support.

About WordRake

Here you will find which version of WordRake you are using, plus links to our End User License Agreement, our Privacy Policy, and notice of the various patents protecting this product.

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