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Here’s what to expect as you use WordRake:

1. What Happens When You Click Rake

Clicking the Rake button reveals WordRake’s editing suggestions.

The suggestions you receive will be based on whether you chose Brevity and/or Simplicity.

2. You May Rake All or Part of Your Document

If you don’t want to Rake your entire document, you can select specific text to Rake by highlighting the text with the mouse and then clicking the Rake button.

If you don’t select text, the software will Rake the entire document when you click the Rake button.

3. You May Quit Raking Before the Process Is Complete

Once you click Rake, you'll see a progress bar as WordRake analyzes your document.

Most documents will complete the raking process in seconds. If the process is taking considerably longer, you can stop raking by pressing the Stop button.

If you stop the process, any suggestions already made will remain but it will stop any additional WordRake suggestions from being generated.

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