Quick-Start Guide to Using WordRake for Word

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WordRake adds editing controls for brevity and simplicity to your Microsoft Word menu.

Here are the steps for using WordRake to edit your document:

1. Choose Your Preferred Editing Feedback

Check the box to tell WordRake which types of editing suggestions you’d like to receive. Select Brevity to shorten sentences or Simplicity to change complex words into familiar ones. You can select both. If you don’t choose, you will receive only Brevity suggestions.

Once you’ve chosen Brevity and/or Simplicity, you’re ready to Rake!

2. Click Rake to Get Suggestions

Next, click the Rake button. Clicking the Rake button reveals WordRake’s suggestions.

If you click the Rake button with no text selected, the software will Rake the entire document. To Rake only certain sections, highlight the desired text and select Rake.

3. Choose Which Suggestions to Keep

Use the WordRake Accept and Reject controls to indicate which suggestions to keep.

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