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WordRake is a sophisticated editing software for legal, business, and government writers. Get over 35,000 editing suggestions in seconds.

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In a few clicks, your in-house editor goes to work.

Polishing your documents need not be painstaking. Go beyond writing courses, Microsoft’s grammar suggestions, and favors from friends.


Let WordRake help you create clear, concise documents and emails—even if you're already a seasoned writer. WordRake's seemingly simple yet sophisticated software delivers context-specific editing for Word and Outlook.

Edit your documents and emails for brevity and simplicity in seconds. With WordRake as your editor, you can meet word limits and writing goals.

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Go Beyond Grammar

Break free from bad writing cluttered with clunky sentences, vague words, passive construction, and more. Our software provides context-specific editing suggestions that turn your drafts into persuasive prose that flows.

Whether you’re communicating with sophisticated clients, inquisitive readers, or the general public, WordRake works side-by-side with you and streamlines your writing so readers can focus on your message.


Get Instant Results

Get useful feedback from WordRake so you can edit your writing faster and deliver a clearer message to clients and colleagues.

In seconds, our software improves your text via in-line edit suggestions—just like a human editor would. Now you can write with confidence and edit without hassle.

Use WordRake in Microsoft Word and Outlook. It’s your on-demand editor, available day or night.


Improve Productivity

What if you could reduce editing rounds and improve outcomes? With WordRake, you’ll save time and impress clients.

The software can edit 15 to 35 pages per minute. It uses algorithms created by linguists and industry experts to give you context-specific feedback and applicable solutions.

Think of it as a tireless editor, eager to help you with fresh eyes, deep knowledge, and limitless attention to detail. Write with WordRake and enjoy real-time, effortless editing.

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How It Works

First, choose your editing mode. Then click the Rake button and watch the in-line editor ripple through your document. Much like a live editor, it suggests edits to help you remove clutter and improve your writing. WordRake shows edits in the familiar track-changes style. It’s as quick and easy as standard spellcheck.


WordRake helps you polish your draft and clarify your message. It also lets you:

  • Remove throat-clearing introductory phrases
  • Cut unnecessary descriptive words and modifiers
  • Correct nominalizations and wordy adjective phrases
  • Remove redundancies and correct usage errors
  • Catch high-level grammar and punctuation mistakes
  • Edit conversational language to be more professional
  • Edit for plain language and reduce jargon and legalese

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Trusted by thousands of law firms, corporations, universities, publishers, and government agencies.

Polish your documents and emails for 40¢ per day.

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