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Simple, clear, and powerful

  1. selected text
    To start, select your text.
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    Then click "rake." Watch WordRake ripple through your document, striking or replacing clunky verbiage.
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    Accept or reject suggestions individually.

The only in-line editor designed for professional business writing.

Beyond Grammar

Declutters sentences & clarifies meaning.

Instant Results

As quick and easy as a standard spell-check.

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Edit instantly without leaving Word or Outlook.

Save time and money

Cut out rounds of revision by pre-editing.

Write to the point. Every time.

People can’t do what you want, if they don’t know what you mean. WordRake software takes you beyond good grammar and spelling to the heart of business writing: clear, concise, effective communication. In 30 seconds WordRake will show you the unnecessary words, the useless phrases, the dull sentences. You choose the edits you like.

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